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    Cool Adult Content - Multi-gaming guild

    Guild Name
    Adult Content

    Guild Age
    4 1/2 years old

    Active Members

    Sanctum of Rall

    Summary of Guild
    Here is a little information about us and our history:
    Adult Content was founded 9/18/2008 under the name The Lathain Guard as a Warhammer guild. As the game began to decline, we all liked each other enough to stick together and play Aion, World of Warcraft, Battlefield Bad Company, battlefield 3, various PS3 games, and other internet games with each other. The Lathain Guard formally became Adult Content at a guild meeting when a majority vote passed to change the name.

    We're very laid back and friendly, we like to group up together to defeat our enemies, and are always willing to help. We are primarily a PVX guild that helps each other achieve our goals. Having Vent is required, but speaking on it isn't.

    If we sound like a guild you are interested in, visit our forum and post an application or send me a message on our website for a chat before applying.

    We're a great group of people and look forward to meeting you, if you're another guild and are thinking about an alliance, feel free to pop in and say hi.

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    Hello everybody, it's me again!

    We have a guild meeting coming up April 15th 8pm eastern time/7pm central. We'll probably be finishing up our tactics and who will be doing what professions, crafting, etc.

    After this we will probably all be playing on the pre-buy beta weekend of the 20th-22nd.

    Even if you already have a guild, feel free to stop by and say hi! http://www.adultcontentguild.com/forum/
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    We had a great weekend playing around with WvW and grouping up for 'heart quests'. WvW reminded me a lot like taking keeps in Warhammer, but on a larger scale... very immense.

    Ah well, I suppose it's time to beckon any new players or other guilds to come visit our forums and say hi.


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    Hi guys! As the next beta weekend comes along, I figured I would extend another invitation to join our guild during the event.

    We will also be having a guild meeting on Sunday (in vent, so people can still play) mostly to see how we stand on a few things, and I'm sure we'll try to take or defend a keep in WVW again.

    As usual, if you are interested, please stop by and say hi on our guild forum:


    Hope to see you around during the beta event!

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    We've decided to make Sanctum of Rall our home, so if you know you are playing on that server, feel free to say hi to us on our site http://www.adultcontentguild.com/forum/, and if you're still looking for a guild feel free to fill out an application.

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    Hi again!

    It's launch day! Everyone is out killing things and making snazzy looking crafts. We have a few new things to report about:

    We created a guild ambassador, her in-game name is Thistle Bloom, and she should be contacted with any inter-guild events anyone would like to participate in.

    We have a twitter page that we use to post about things, follow us or tweet to us at https://twitter.com/_Adult_Content_ .

    Aside from those points, have fun playing the game and feel free to say hi on our forum: http://www.adultcontentguild.com/

    Hope to see you guys in the game!

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