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    oh are we talking about mini's? then gimme ded panda, i dont care about it in HoM (would be fun), but i like that mini (which is why i'll farm z coins if i dont get that panda license from NM WoC, which someone is helping with every now and then.... someone from guru)

    i always loved the mini, but hated the prices and limited offers (not in EU at all)

    now that i mention it, i sold kuuna and ceratadon before HoM..... bad move eh? but people told me prices would only go lower o_O

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    I gave up on WoC. Terrible drop rates (waaaaay too many greens). So I used some coins I would have used for keys otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn View Post
    Everyone will leave for gw2, and once we're settled in, we'll give away all our gold and piles of ectos and zkeys to those left behind. Then those people will finally buy their fow armors and such, realize there's nothing else to play for, and then quit and move to gw2.

    It's going to be hilarious giving some random gw pver 4000 ecto. Maybe I'll make them pve for me and get 50/50 hom first.
    I will take your ecto and zkeys then and move over to Star Trek Online where I have over 1 mill in energy credits and 43000 in dilthium ore since going ftp.

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    but that's star trek online.

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    I still pop in GW for a few hours here and there.

    I would really like some sort of mailing system so i can get in touch with some friends that I miss.

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    well, i've seen john stumme saying (on his page) that GW team will mostly focus on GW2, so i dunno anymore
    lets say i'll stay until GW gets no real support anymore, then i'll start my game designs plans and play some other free game, called Loong (bet noone knows it, i'm new there, lol)

    we'll see how long and in what way GW will stay online...... being closed is easier to make choices tbh o_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Stumme on GWW
    Hey all, I wanted to share some news with everyone. As I’m sure you guys are all aware, we here at ArenaNet have really been ramping up on Guild Wars 2 in anticipation of our release this year. In order to ensure that we are putting out the best possible game, we here at the studio are going all hands on deck - this means that the Live Team will be shifting much of its focus to support the GW2 team. We’re going to be pretty busy, but we will still support the live game with balance updates and bug fixes – there’s also something special planned for our 7th Anniversary. I hope you’re all excited for it, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all in GW and GW2!

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    we will still support the live game with balance updates and bug fixes
    thats all to say..... if thats all they keep doing, then the rest of GW will be dead
    meaning that there wont be any bigger updates (made suggestions for example), and we will only see skill updatyes sometimes and bug fixes

    i hope this is NOT the case

    and hey.... he changed it a lil
    "and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all in GW and GW2!" was without GW, and just said GW2 when i saw it

    believe me, i know what i saw

    ah: http://wiki.guildwars.com/index.php?...&oldid=2472192
    last line :D

    sneaky edit john

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    I am sure GW will be around for a long time yet. They already said they did not want players to stop playing GW1 because of GW2. They introduced the HoM Reward system which will be around Forever by the sounds of it, to give players a additional reason to keep playing GW1. Plus thanks to GW2, many people who never played GW before in there life bought GW1 and all of there expansions just for the HoM for GW2, some getting GW1 just to try the game out in honor of GW2. So I think it is safe to say that GW1 will be around for a while yet.

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