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    Enigma EU are recruiting

    Enigma will be, first and foremost, a group of friends. We will have a great deal of fun playing, and, bar the odd tiff, we will all get on remarkably well. This will be very important to everyone in the guild, and is not something we ever want to compromise on. You will need to be easy going to survive in Enigma. And you’ll need a sense of humour, balanced with a mature attitude.

    We have a maturity rule, whilst physical age means very little on the internet, act like a spoilt kid, and you’re not going to fit in with us…

    We do not put up with dude speak. It annoys the hell out of everyone. If you speak in numbers, please don’t even apply. That’s not to say we’re stuck up about it, everyone uses the odd "lol” or whatever. But in general, we talk to each other properly. With real words and everything. If this is something that frightens you, Emigma will not be the place for you.

    No style of play is enforced, whether you want to PvE, WvW, PvP or Role Play you are welcome and we will not put up with people mocking those who have differing styles.

    We want to be very proud of the guild, and we intend that it will become a leading gaming community. That doesn’t mean we’re stuck up, or elitist. We will accept new members very willingly. But not based solely on their level, or their skill. We accept decent players, who want to have fun, and will bring something more to the guild. If you’re that sort of person, then we’d love to have you.

    Although the game is probably several more months away I feel that now is a great time to get involved with a community and make some friendships to build on over the years with GW2


    Follow us on Twitter: @EnigmaGW2

    Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/GuildWars2CommunityGuild
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    The community is coming along nicely why not check us out on the above links

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    Please note that we have just acquired a new domain and are still recruiting - we have 23 members and are allied to 2 other similar sized guilds


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    The Beta Weekend Event was a huge success, we had lots of fun playing and talking on Vent all weekend. The guild keeps growing every day, so come and have a look at our site!
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    We had a blast in BWE2 why not check us out on http://www.wnigma-eu.com

    We have over 60 members in the guild now

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    Thumbs up Come and join us in the adventure.

    Engima is still actively seeking people to join us on our adventures in to GuildWars 2.

    We are attending the stress test on Wednesday and planning to do weekly podcasts, so get involved!

    If you want to have fun, and will bring something more to the guild, then we'd love to have you.


    Follow us on Twitter: @EnigmaGW2

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this :) Infernogal
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