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    DRAGON CHASERS - Tyria's Finest PvP & PvE Guild!

    Dragon Chasers is a group of highly talented, competitive and agreeable gamers that aims to be a top competitor in Guild Wars 2.

    We started as Space Blasters, a pre-release guild for SWTOR, and we were very successful. Now we're seeking some more excellent gamers with the right mentality to join our team.

    As a newer guild, our "core" is more accessible than that of older gaming communities. This means that there's plenty of room to grow for players seeking to prove their worth.

    We are a hardcore guild, but we know how to enjoy ourselves. There are no arbitrary rules, regulations or mandates here. Organization is key, but our belief is that intelligent players don't need to be babied.

    Website: SPCBLSTRS.com
    Forums: SBDC
    Twitter: @SBDCguild
    Timezone: Mostly EST
    Focus: Mostly PvP
    Click Here to Apply

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    How big will this guild be when the game releases?

    GW2 is about player skill. That means that pros are going to shine, but the baddies are going to be... bad. As such, we'll be maintaining a smaller, more elite presence in Tyria. 30-40 members is the ballpark.

    What's with the SBDC thing? Are you “Space Blasters” or “Dragon Chasers”?

    We started out as the former, but today we're running under SBDC or “Space Blasters, Dragon Chasers.” Which flag we fly depends on the game - in GW2, you'll be seeing <Dragon Chasers>.

    What are this guild's objectives?

    PvP! While we'll spend some time on PvE stuff (we're pretty good at that too), we're definitely focusing on PvP in this game. 5v5 competition, WvWvW, PvPvE, whatever. We're going to slay it.

    What professions are your recruiting?

    As of now we are accepting applications from all professions. We suggest that members coordinate with their potential 5v5 partners, however.

    Is there a minimum age requirement to join?

    Save for rare and specific exceptions, we only consider applicants that are eighteen years and older. We are a mature guild (at least in age).

    Are you recruiting for leadership positions?

    Possibly. Officers act as a major form of leadership and support within SBDC, assisting with a slew of often unseen leadership and administrative duties. Exceptional players may be considered, but rarely.

    What timezone will this guild operate in? Is this an international guild?

    We're based out of the EST timezone. However, we will accept applications from all regions and countries as long as our schedules are compatible.

    Is voice chat required?

    Yes. Voice communication is essential to an efficient guild – especially in PvP situations. We have a dedicated Mumble server and a microphone is highly recommended.

    Anything else?

    We are a very competitive, progressive guild and we expect to be a top competitor in GW2. If you're looking for a place to play seriously without the headaches of other “hardcore” guilds, this may be the place for you.
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    Updated with FAQ and another sweet recruitment video.

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