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    MS Toga Party, April 21st

    Toga Party 2012

    April 21st 12pm - 6pm CDT

    Once again, Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Enertainment Network will be hosting the MS Toga Party! The event is a charity fundraising event, hosted within the game Guild Wars. Its aim is to raise awareness and support for those who are effected by Multiple Sclerosis. The event takes place in April to coincide with the North American Wide Supercities MS Walks. The 'Toga Party' can be found in international districts of Chahbek Village inside of the game's world.

    "How do I take part?"

    • Join one of the hosted districts for the in-game activities! (Read below for more district information!)
    • Take part in the "Quest for the Cure"! A story-based scavenger hunt on the gw-en forum. Follow the narritve, collect the in-game items and be in with a chance to win! (Link to be added)
    • Tune into the radio stream at GW-EN!
    • Watch a video stream of the in-game action at Guild Wars 2 Live!
    • Sign up for your local "MS Walk"!
    • Make a donation through the MS Society event page here!
    • Follow Gamers Giving Back on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with the latest information!

    If you for some reason you can't do any of the above, you can still help by simply spreading the word. Tell your friends and family, write about the event on your blog, mention it during one of your YouTube videos, link the website on social media sites, tell your guild and alliance... every little bit helps!

    Hosted Districts (International)
    Each district will have Trivia every 15 minutes, Goodies randomly handed out and a variety of activities on top of all the prizes list for On-air, Scavenger Hunt and the Costume Contest!

    District 1 – GW-EN.com (M A L I B U Barbie is main contact)
    District 2 – GW-EN.com (Arkin Dmitr is main contact)
    District 3 – GW-EN.com (Jatari Thundercloud is main contact)
    District 4 – Eternal Sacred Path [ESP] Alliance (Karuna Vajra is main contact)
    District 5 – Overflow District for Scavenger Hunt - Cult Alliance will be here (Little Wise Owl is main contact)

    **More districts will be hosted as the need arises**
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