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    to me it's only difficuld when they change the normal way of playing, in every regular content you have flat mobs but the GWB mobs are not only smarter but also have really powerful cross builds.
    the worst part about GWB is that nothing is original and lore friendly anymore, none and really none of the WiK mobs should have any of the new 4 profs, the same go's for WoC for they should never ever have a derv or para in there team.
    they should (for NM at least) not change the build they use from the normal content, i can understand a bit of challenge but this is stretching it a bit.

    personally they should have 2 versions for WiK/WoC NM, lore friendly and challenging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIPS View Post
    I think the problem goes deeper than just the game being too hard or too easy. The problem is more like:

    1) If a player does a hardcore quest without mesmers, ritualists and other PvX builds, that quest is flat out impossible.
    2) If that SAME player does that SAME quest with mesmers and ritualists, that quest is too easy.
    Good builds are efficient? Stop the ****ing presses.

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    So I tried Defend Droknar's Forge HM once. The Titans wasn't that hard, but each group takes 10-15 minutes to kill completely. I guess a combination of high level (36+), high health (800+320=1120, at least) respawning, and their monk. I also need to constantly kite and hit and run them to survive, which delayed the process. One mistake with the Frost Titan and it is game over (party wide Deep Freeze). Panic forces my team to run away (no point even fighting).

    I killed around 5 groups. Then I got party wiped once (Deep Freeze, Mirror of Ice, Frozen Blast) and gave up. I know it is do-able, but it will take forever to get it done. 10 minutes a group. I guess I will need to kill at least 20 groups. So that's at least 200 minutes, or 3+ hours. And that's assuming everything goes well and I don't get DPed out.

    If anyone else is interested in this, I did learn a few things in my failures. Make sure you have a speed boost if you are a puller. Else that Frost Titan is going to kill you with his Deep Freeze + Ice Spikes.
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    Well, Titan's Malice in HM is like the worst mob in the entire game - but then again, Mesmer, so no surprise there...

    Good luck anyways, thinking back of that quest just makes me shudder

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    I heavily microed Melonni to "tank", who was using AoD to help with the hexes and AoE healing. It worked pretty well, I actually forgot to add rezzes and wound up with only one.

    Starcrafting the micro might not exactly be the cure to your problem of it being tedious though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harniq View Post
    Have you played gate of madness (NM), a week after release? Or maybe Thunderhead Keep were pugs banged their head against for weeks? Some people literally never passed it.
    I think this wraps everything up. Some places have a steep learning curve, others can do the learning for you (the early players in THK or GoM). Less played quests only mean you have to do the learning yourself, and failing a couple of times in the meantime. Some pinpoints here gave you enough information to beat the mission. You have to find out what the enemy does and what their weak points are. You can say ritualists and spirits are overpowered, but against lots of AoE pumping enemies they are less usable. In every region and every mission there is an optimal build, several builds work very good in almost all regions. In most regions others did the painfull learning and spread the builds or word. In most regions the standard builds work like a charm, even though these standard builds were also developed with lots of failing.

    Granted, ritualists and especially mesmers are way too strong, in my opinion they downgraded mesmers somewhat with all the added damage, still, some overpoweredness is necessary in GW HM PvE, since level 30 enemies in large quantaties can be tough cookies. This more or less means with these overpowered skills on overpowered classes normal mode becomes a walk in the park. Good thing is the developers might have learned a valuable lesson as well, a lesson they can use in GW2!

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    Well, in certain cases the old "normal mode" was a lot less forgiving than hardmode. THK with just henchmen was an exercise in patience that way...

    And don't get me started on the bonus in Eternal Grove pre-hard mode patch... That one was only possible with a 100% human group. (or 7 humans and a healer henchman.)

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