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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsfwd View Post
    While yes, you CAN play as a healer, no it's probably not optimal. There is no dedicated healer. Now, we just have to see how healers are treated in terms of rewards from events. Does the game recognize that people standing back keeping people's health up are contributing to the battle?
    When I was unlocking my Water Magic skills and I participated actively in an event I always got gold rewards, although I probably killed fewer foes or deal less damage than when i was attuned to Fire Magic
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    @Gorani: water magic has quite a bit of damaging spells, so you still play offensively. Even though it's weak against foes it still counts as doing damage. Also, you do damage indirectly by keeping others alive longer, which allows them to play more offensively.

    @Bearsfwd: if you mean playing support-only, then I don't know. For the record though, it's easier to play hybrid than support-only, you'd be wasting time if you didn't throw in a few damage spells between heals.
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