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    {The Royal Guard} WvW Focused, US East, Fight Nights

    *** The Royal Guard ***

    Website: Home - The Royal Guard - Clan website
    VOIP: Teamspeak3
    Members: 45 members Currently (Quality > Quantity)
    Recruitment: Open for all Professions


    - We are a WvW PvP oriented and focused clan. We sought to be and have become one of the major guilds on our server, fighting tirelessly for HoD and our Alliance. TRG is extremely active in promoting our server to the top of the charts, with 3x weekly “Fight Nights”.


    Our goal in Guild Wars 2 is simple: to be one of THE guilds our server thinks of when it comes to WvW PvP. We are looking to accomplish this in a number of ways:

    - Fight Nights: Akin to other guilds’ ‘raid nights’, we will be sponsoring nights wherein which everyone in the guild is going to be in The Mists fighting to bring our server glory.

    - Highly organized, competitive play: During Fight Nights and non Fight Nights, we’ll be organizing the guild into teams based on necessities and responding to our enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. If you have a passion for WvW and are tired of running around in mindless zergs that lack organization and accomplish nothing, TRG promises you an elevation to your level of play.

    - Passion: TRG’s members have a passion for PvP and WvW pvp in particular. We study this game, we analyze it and we seek to perfect ourselves in it. If you are looking for an active guild that has a reputation and server renown that specializes in PvP, TRG is it.

    - sPvP & tPvP: Once the tourny system is up and running the way is should, we will also be selecting our BEST pvp’ers to rep TRG for competitive ranked instanced pvp!


    We are an NA EST guild and our standard ‘Fight Nights’ are Sunday, Wednesday and Thurs from 8:30pm-11pm.

    While we definitely encourage members to partake in the other forms of GW2’s awesome content and we only require WvW participation during our FN’s, we certainly are only looking for members who have a passion for WvW and are willing to dedicate a large portion of their time to it – without being required or nagging to do so.


    Why should you consider joining TRG? Foremost, TRG is going to be a guild that relies on strategy, superior play and the quality of our members rather than seeking to be another “zerg” guild.

    We are a clan that is built on the values of hard work, teamwork, communication, strategy and just pure skill. We are a clan that seeks to build a community with its members and go on to make an impact on any game that we enter.

    We put our money where our mouth is. We have a website and forums, teamspeak, dedicated and active leadership, we are a part of one of the best WvW Alliances in the game: Titan and maybe most important of all: our members. We have some of the best, friendliest, funniest most awesome members who make TRG not only a competitive PvP community but also one where you can have FUN!

    In short: We are a fun, competitive, community oriented World PvP focused clan that caters to all types of playerstyles. Also, as we are a clan – if you are accepted and come to enjoy your fellow members and TRG as a whole, we invite you to stay with us and maintain your bonds as we expand into other games in the future.


    Feel free to apply through our website and our own forums: http://theroyalguardclan.enjin.com/home

    - The High Council and TRG members will review your application and we will ask any necessary questions on an app-by-app basis.

    - If we feel like you could potentially be a good fit with us, we will invite you to a Teamspeak interview or out for a few of our Fight Nights to just get a better feel and see how you play.

    Quick Facts:

    * Highly competitive Open World PvP oriented
    * Fight Nights: World PvP guild nights 3x a week
    * Competitive instanced PvP
    * Open recruitment for all professions
    * Community oriented, recruiting all player types, non-elitist
    * Min. age is 16

    In closing: We're BOSS! Come be BOSS with us!!!

    (Disclaimer: If by reading this Recruitment Advertisement you took an arrow to the knee, read: the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral components; TRG and its members, affiliates, subsidiaries, holdings, characters, cargo holds and inventories hereby disavow any and all legal penalties, fines and other legal actions in pursuant to the above. You also waive all rights to your base. Your base now belongs to us)
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    Hey everyone,

    Just want to update that TRG is still here and we are growing at a great pace. I want to make sure any potential interested applicants understand that we aren't a lollipop guild: that is to say we aren't inactive, lackluster or are going to die and crumble before release.

    We're actually growing, with ever-increasingly active forums and VOIP. We're much more than a forum guild: we actually have 2x weekly 'Game Nights' where we get everyone in the clan together and play Guild Wars in order to earn the Hall of Monument unlockables for GW2. How many other guilds can say they are more than a forum guild?

    If you're interested in finding a home for GW2 or beyond, consider TRG. We have a plan and we will be having 3x weekly WvW events once release comes. That is far and away the bare minimum we will be doing though. We have lots of plans - so give us a look!
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    Hello All!

    With the release date announced we're gearing up here at TRG to get ready to be a dedicated leader and contributor to WvW on our server!

    Here's an update:

    We've been growing substantially and have actually reached 40 members, which was a goal for us pre-release. Far cry from the 23 we were at almost 2 months ago :) With these added forces we've been increasing our squad and potential attack capabilities and tactics. We've been organizing our alliance and working hard to improve where we need it. We;ve already figured out several initiatives to better coordinate and communicate; between ourselves and the server. Expect to see TRG rallying the server and providing experienced leadership in order to bring our server glory. We also have content in the works coming out soon, so keep an eye on our YT channel.

    Are you looking for a serious, active, dedicated WvW guild? What about one that also focuses on community and friendship? Just getting to release we have 2 weekly Game Nights encouraging our members off of the forums and onto our Mumble to play together, communicate, have fun and build bonds of friendship.

    If such a guild is what you're looking for, check us out today: http://theroyalguardclan.enjin.com/home

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    Check out our New Video & Article!


    World vs. World. The epitome of World PvP brought to us in 3 geographically similar and 1 distinct map. The battles that take place are going to be hard won, epic and strategically and tactically astounding. There are so many facets to consider - with one of the most important and often overlooked of them being how the NPC Mercenary camps that reside in the Eternal Battlegrounds are going to come into play and help respective servers attain victory.

    Today The Royal Guard is going to walk you through the Mercenary camps, how to win their allegiance and how to properly utilize them afterwards. Mercenary Camps are important for a number of reasons:

    1. They become a force multiplier; greatly increasing the effectiveness of even a very small force
    2. They continually send out groups of attackers/defenders to nearby supply camps and towers; either to assist you in capturing or holding that location
    3. They offer a field merchant at their home location that allows you to sell your junk and even more importantly buy siege weapons
    4. Neutralizing camps and/or gaining their friendship is doable by as little as 2 skilled players

    If a Mercenary camp isn't owned by any server, you must gain their 'Friendship'. The level of their friendship with any particular server is shown in the UI in the upper right hand corner. To gain friendship you need to assist that particular NPC much like you would for any regular Dynamic Event in PvE. You can help with rezzing downed NPCs or assist in killing their foes. For Ogres you have to kill harpies, for the Hylek you kill krait and for the Dredge you have to help kill destroyers.

    Knowing all this is great - but why are NPC camps important? NPC camps are important because they essentially are free reliable reenforcements. A big problem with the current WvW community is that many do not think in a post launch mindset, i.e. they attack a point only to leave it totally undefended or un-upgraded very soon afterwards. This allows locations that would otherwise be essential to your war effort (and simultaneously the easiest for the enemy to assault): Supply Camps and Towers etc, to be backcapped by relatively small forces.

    Gaining and maintaining the allegiance of these NPC camps will help to mitigate that by a great deal. A 5 man team will find it incredibly difficult to take an upgraded supply camp, one with additional, more powerful guards who are also supplemented by Ogres knocking them back, Dredge repeatedly blinding them or Hylek poisoning them lowering their heals. This affords the server with the NPC allegiance additional maneuverability as they are able to move about whilst knowing that their most sensitive locations cannot be attacked by a force lower than a certain amount. This has the added benefit of making servers overcommitt, sending a large force for these objectives, leaving their own points less defended.

    Intelligent play and usage of the NPC Mercenary camps will surely be a sign of the guilds and servers who maintain high rankings match after match and those who do not.

    Hopefully this article has been illuminating on the NPC Mercenary camps and causes you to rethink their value in the future!

    Interested in a serious WvW guild that also focuses on Community? Check us out at: http://theroyalguardclan.enjin.com/home

    Don't forget to follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/RoyalGuardClan

    and on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/theroyalguard/

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    Hello Everyone!

    As an update we wanted to let the GW2 Community know that The Royal Guard has recently joined the Titan Alliance! We enjoyed amazing success with them in the last BWE, taking on Crystal Desert and Fort Aspenwood.

    We look forward to further success with them in launch and beyond as we continue towards TRG's goal of WvW domination! We are still openly recruiting to meet our recruitment goals for launch, though recruitment on specific classes is getting extremely tight.

    If you are looking for a Community focused, WvW oriented guild that is going places, look no further.

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    We have re-opened recruitment!

    If you are looking for a WvW oriented, fun focused, community driven guild - then there is none like The Royal Guard.

    Please check our recruitment post and our website for more information. We've spent the past month absolutely dominating WvW with our fellow guilds in Titan Alliance, and now we're looking forward to the future!

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