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    Well... I managed to kill Arneh by luring his group onto the sands and then own him with wurms. This took a few tries and meant using some distractions from spirits and minions. You basicly have to lure with your entire hero-group + minions. Then run back to the spoor. While your minions are battling/slowly coming to your MM you get your heroes into wurms, flag them far enough back so they don't exit the wurm and hope that Arneh and all the Acolyte's follow you onto the sand and don't stay on the rocky bit.

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    At the risk of sounding repetitive, I'll echo what others have said and strongly suggest you bring Frozen Soil. Any character that is not actively using their secondary can bring this. I usually elect to disable it and cast only when necessary, as its prevention of your own team's rezzing can be a pain. Basically, you want to cast it near the wurm spoor just south of Arneh. Then, just run up and focus fire on the Acolytes and Cavaliers. Make sure NOT to pull so far back that your Spirit of Soil-Flavored Icecream is at risk: if it dies, you can be sure Arneh and his buddies will start firing off their rez chains. Be aware that there's a pretty fine line between bringing the enemies too close (and risking the death of FS), and being too far away (and risking that FS will not affect them)
    I'd also strongly suggest both a Panic mesmer* (if you don't already have one) and either Pain Inverter or some form of Knockdown prevention to handle the Acolyte's elite. While not terribly dangerous, the dmg and KD from Signet of Judgement can delay your party's killing long enough that A) the FS spirit expires, or B) the FS spirit is "found" and killed. You can also add some sort of dmg reduction (an ST rit, or a protectymonk) to help make the dmg from SoJ less.

    Some people have mentioned holy dmg here. While this certainly helps, I've never found it completely necessary. Basically, if you CAN bring holy dmg, do it. If you would have to really completely reconfigure your party to do it, don't bother.

    *This can also be a Psychic Instability mesmer, if you really want, but IMHO AI doesn't really split apart too much when hexed by Panic, and those enemies spamming weaker, spammable spells will basically shutdown the party.

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