is there any site, or can anyone make me screens from their GH's where the npc's are located?
this'd be useful for choosing a new GH, as i like hunter's, butif the npc's are all spread out, i rather not

in case: priest of balthazar and weaponsmith are not needed, as i wont get em anyway, lol

i'm not asking for 1 person to gimme the locations, maybe each person can give 1 or 2 maps or something (maps from GWW i guess)

the ones i need:
- warrior's isle
- hunter's isle
- wizard's isle
- druid's isle
- isle of weeping stone
- corrupted isle

so i need the locations of the npc's in those GH's, except for priest of balthazar and weaponsmith

thx in advance

ps. its not for GvG or anything, just for the npc's as i only do PvE