As the kid with those earlier editions, it stinks.

I'm essentially from a single-income household, so I don't really fault my dad for cheaping out on stuff where he could, but, man, does it blow to be the kid in class who doesn't have a clue because his text is out-of-date or because dad decided to order online instead of going through the bookstore.

My parents also shared custody for a lonnnngg time, and not even in a fair way: We had to go back and forth between our parents' house, every other day. Dad's on Monday, Mom's on Tuesday, etc.. As a result, I was CONSTANTLY forgetting stuff, especially in grammar school. If memory serves, my schedule then was a bit more chaotic (certain classes would alternate, I think), so I was forever bringing the wrong book or forgetting my gym clothes or SOMETHING. The teachers were pretty understanding, but it still stinks.

So, yeah, I could totally see forgetting (or losing) the iPad. If you forget a textbook, it's not the biggest deal. You can look on with someone or catch up that night. But if you forget your iPad and it's your ONLY piece of learning equipment, you're SOL for the entire day, for every class. And if they're used for activities, not just reading, what are you going to do? The teacher would have to have loaners on hand. Enough for several kids to share, if necessary. And in poorer districts, that cost is going to fall to the teachers. My cousin teaches in Newark and he basically has to buy anything he wants to use to help his students.

Also, I was a big fan of that game where you throw your bookbag in the air and try to catch it. I missed a lot. I also went through a lot of shoes because I played pretty rough. iPad never would have made it with little RD lol