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    30/50 HoM before release! All come!

    Hi everyone! I am starting this thread because I am looking for players who are interested in obtaining their beautiful GW2 HoM gear and pets! I have only played Guild Wars once, so I am very new at the game, but I learn fast! (Years of MMO experience) I also want to play the game to enjoy it of course.

    Anyways, down to business. I am looking to play for 35-50 hours a week of guild wars to reach the 30/50 goal as soon as possible! That's an average of 5 hours a day holy cow! Well if you are interested, post here!

    We will be completing all of the campaigns for sure! Aiming for prophecies to be finished within the first 7 days!

    If you are new, no worries, I am too, if you are a vet, you are more than welcome, I can use all the tips and help I can get!

    If you want, I can organize a vent/skype so we can all communicate all that much easier.

    I can assure you, that we will reach the 30/50 goal for sure! Post here and let me know if you are interested, and we will get started tomorrow at around 3:00 EST!

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    Also, I haven't chosen a permanent server or class yet, so if you have a preference let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korruption View Post
    I haven't chosen a permanent server
    You won't have to.
    You can hop districts/servers freely to meet whoever will join you in your quest.

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    i would recommend to finish the chapters first and do all the missions perfect (master/mission+bonus), that will give you something to go for.
    also, every time you have a new mini, dedicate it to the HoM, i have 46 mini's now and it helped me allot.

    armor is one of the easiest way to get points, every full elite set can be registered and 5 of them already gives you some nice points.
    titles isn't needed tho it will make things just a bit easier, go for an easy title so it isn't to much of a drag.

    just my 2 cents.
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    Aye, I've typed this up somewhere before but I just don't know where I left it...

    But yeah, most effective way to hit 30 is to go for the simple points. Doing the campaigns alone and finishing at least two NM bonus-mission titles will net you 8 points, so you'll be at 11. If you're interested in any prestige armor, Eye of the North is the cheapest it'll get for you in terms of both plat cost and materials. If you want a guaranteed point you can aim for the Kurz/Lux armor, and generally speaking the Lux armor is the cheapest of the two to make.
    And when it comes to mini-pets, the first couple years or so are pretty dang cheap for the white names. And if you aren't wanting to grind dungeons/challenges for the hero armor sets, you can buy all of the items for it for a sum of around a hundred plat.

    I'm currently at 30/50 right now.
    5/8 points in Devotion: 20 minis, along with points for a rare and a unique. Again the first couple years of mini pets can be rather cheap, I'm talking around a couple plat for a white easily. Plus, you can take care of the Unique mini pet for free by doing the scavenger hunt line. It requires Zho's journal from the Norn tournament in EotN, but its pretty simple after that. Plus Sorrow's Furnace is one of the easier zones to complete if you want a free statue.

    8/8 points in Fellowship: for the pets, a rare pet counts for both its own statue as well as the basic pet statue at the same time

    9/18 points in Honor: 10 statues, 6 statues for finishing Proph, Factions, and Nightfall as well as NM bonus missions. Fissure of Woe and Sorrow's furnace both are also probably one of the easiest elite zone statues to grab as well. I also have a statue for the lucky and unlucky track, though that is something you can't just grind out easy and quick without the ring events.

    5/8 points in Resilience: 5 armor sets, one being kurzick (my luxon rep wasn't high enough to use the armor crafter for them)

    3/8 points in valor: 2 weapons, 1 oppressor and 1 destroyer. Easiest weapons to get as well. You're guaranteed to get at least 2 oppressor weapons by doing the War in Kryta and Hearts of the North beyond questlines. Destroyer weapons are EotN and to craft generally speaking is about 50 platinum. Torment Weapons on the other hand are either roughly 125 plat (or more commonly seen between 23-25 ectos) for the armbrace, or require multiple runs of the Domain of Anguish for gems to get the armbrace as well.

    Also, following this as a blueprint, you could drop the elite zone and lucky and unlucky title statues (going back to 8/18 in Honor), and make it up in either Resilience or Valor. Doing the WiK and Hearts questline will get you 3 weapons, and ties up Valor with Resilience in needing 2 more sets for the next point. Cost wise, it would probably be easiest to go for a point in Valor. Could either grind out supplies for Oppressor through bounties and repeating the Hearts quests, or get the 100 plat or so to make two more Destroyer weapons.
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    If you haven't seen it, check out this guide:


    I think the toughest part of a new player aiming for 30/50 is the cost of elite armors, weapons, and/or minis, depending on which path you take. So make sure you save every penny and salvage materials (for armor) as you play.


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    Thanks for all the feedback guys, I will DEFINITELY be referring here as I play my way through! That being said, will anyone join me to make the experience a bit more enjoyable and a bit less tedious?

    Also, what profession would you guys recommend to breeze through this? Can you give me your top 3 classes, with their level of fun, and ability to quest and dungeon etc combined? thanks!
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    It's difficult re: classes since it's really about your playing style.

    For instance I love playing rangers although I'm sure there are folks out there who don't.

    My personal preferences in order:

    Monk (smiting which most pugs often hate, they tend to prefer healing or protecting)

    It is my observation that most people don't enjoy assassin and if not played properly can be extremely fragile hence frustrating especially in Factions where you have mobs who explodes upon their death. Dervishes and Ritualists can be a bit frustrating to play in beginning due to skill availability but after you get enough skills, those can be awesome.

    Imho for the ease and for the storyline, I'd think rangers and necromancers are easiest to start with. As long as you know how to kite, stay out of AOEs, you should be ok as a ranger. Likewise re: necromancers and do not expect to be an effective minion master until around mid-late endgame for Prophecies.

    Anyway that's my thoughts and take them with a grain of salt.

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    If you're aiming to breeze through the game, pick any profession you like, then start in Nightfall so you can get heroes. Once you have a minion master necro hero, you can pretty much faceroll the keyboard and win. You can travel between the chapters regardless of where you start, so you don't have to worry about that. To save yourself some money, make sure to do some research on what skills to unlock for your heroes and where you might be able to get them for free (either using hero skill points or via quests by travelling to Prophecies).


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    When playing with heroes, in my experience the Paragon wins hands-down. High-AC ranged character standing in the middle of your hero group ensures that his protective skills easily cover the party. Also the class itself needs little micro, so you have the extra time available to babysit/flat heroes if needed.

    When I attempt something difficult these days, I just use the Paragon over any other class.

    Also the Ritualist might be a good choice due to how powerful spirits are and you can use it for farming as well, seeing that you'll need quite some cash for the 30 HoM points.

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