Zealous Guardians

Who Are We?

We are a new guild looking to recruit members for the upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2! We are looking for fun casual members who like to do both PvE and PvP content.

Our Goals?

Our current goal is to recruit many members for Guild Wars 2 before the game comes out. After that our goal will be to have our members enjoy the game and get to know each other and become part of a close community that likes to have fun with everything in the game from crafting to PvP!

Our rule are simple.
1. Don't be a jerk. We are a guild that likes to have fun and encourage each other, and we don't want people to be discouraged or put-down by any other players in the guild.
2. You must be able to take a joke! We like to have fun and crack jokes all the time and we don't mean to offend anyone by it at all.
3.Have friends who play the game, but aren't in the guild? Invite them! The more people we have is more people to have fun and play content with.

Are You Interested?

If you're interested about our guild please visit out website at koto.enjin.com. Also you can contact me via e-mail at gtmaster32@live.com.