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    Ascent - not just a Guild, but a Community [Europe]

    Our Website

    Ascent is a newly formed European guild made up of a diverse group of people that have been playing together for years in a large variety of games, with an emphasis on MMO’s. Between our members we have a wealth of experience in playing, but most of all leading and managing guilds to great success, one example of this is us leading a guild to the upper echelons of the highly competitive World of Warcraft raiding scene.

    In Guild Wars 2 we will be focusing on both PvP and PvE content and strive to make a name for ourselves that will be recognized on our server and perhaps one day in the Guild Wars 2 community as a whole.

    Our Guild
    In Guild Wars 2 our focus will be on creating a community that essentially welcomes everyone to it, Male, Female, Casual, Hardcore, new to the genre or an MMO Veteran.

    As mentioned before, we feel that every player should be able to join our guild, given they can contribute to the guild as a whole in some way and improve the experience for everyone in the Guild.

    We feel that tackling content and accomplishing amazing things with a group of like-minded people, friends even, while engaging in friendly banter on our Teamspeak 3 Server is far more rewarding than playing with strangers, after all, we aren't just a guild, we are a community.

    Additionally the improved communication, strategical and tactical value voice communication offers is invaluable for content that requires more organization, such as PvE content in the form of Dynamic Events and large scale PvP content in the form of World vs World battles in Guild Wars 2.

    Hope to meet you on our Forums soon !
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    Hey everyone,

    We're all very excited now that we finally know when we can play the game (August 28th 2012) and are making preparations for an awesome game launch.

    We're always open to receive applications from people that can add something to our community and that want to be part of something more than ''just a guild'', so feel free to check us out and drop by our Forum/Teamspeak server and if you like what you see send in an application to join us !

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    Hey everyone

    Just a couple more hours to go before the final Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend will start, after that it's roughly a month of waiting before we can get our hands on the game again at the official release.

    For those of you that are still looking for a Guild to join for Guild Wars 2, feel free to check our website or drop by on our Forums/Teamspeak server for a friendly chat.

    Regardless, have fun with Guild Wars 2 and hope to see you around ingame ;)

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    Hey everyone,

    Just 2 days until the people that have pre-purchased the game can get their hands on Guild Wars 2 and start populating the servers !

    Our Community has grown rapidly and continues to do so as the release draws near. If you like what you've seen so far don't hesitate to check us out and become part of an amazing group of people.

    Hope to see all of you ingame soon !

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