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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Rhonwyn View Post
    Speculating: I wonder how GW2 would run on my machine if GW1 was running at the same time (as I want that ring-time!)
    Should be fine. I'm pretty sure I did it during press beta and didn't see any issues, and your machine is beefier than mine.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggles View Post
    lol at all the kids suffering with school work. lol. I lol at you. lol. I hate school. lol.
    i have to work on that saturday, they better have it good on sunday >_<
    tho the best hope i have is a friday on 21:00, i am lucky that way -_-
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    Sorry, I was getting grey boxes like mad at work and got way too frustrated to keep reloading so I could respond. Yes, CM = Community Manager.

    Based on the Twitter, it looked like they were getting HAMMERED with the same questions over and over. It seemed like some people were even giving them some attitude because people were spreading false info (ie. "Beta starts today" instead of "Beta post goes up today").

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    Gotta love the exam week that starts the 30th....

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    Yay, I'm leaving Saturday morning and won't be near a computer during the weekend. :<

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    *curious about the blogpost*

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    *sigh* People complaining about having to work on a Saturday. I work retail, and I'm probably going to end up working Saturday AND Sunday. You don't see me complaining .

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearsfwd View Post
    *sigh* People complaining about having to work on a Saturday. I work retail, and I'm probably going to end up working Saturday AND Sunday. You don't see me complaining .
    *sigh* People complaining having to work that weekend. I don't work during the weekends, yet I still can't play due to a lack of code! (not a lack of trying though, I might finally end up with multiple CE's...) At least you can play during the evening hours
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    I do love not having to work the weekends. I'll offically be doing nothing but playing GW2 next weekend.

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