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    <Chilling Spree> Casual/Hardcore. Now Recruiting EU.

    Who are we?
    We are an International Guild Wars 2 guild formed in Sweden 2012 by fellow gamers wanting to explore GW2 together.

    What do i have to do to get in to Chilling Spree?

    First of all, turn 18. We wont accept any applicants under 18 unless you have a recommendation from a trusted guildmember. It might seem harsh but we've had to many bad experiences with people acting immature and being flat out annoying.

    Send us an application stating;

    *Where you're from
    *Describe your personlity and who you are
    *Previous experience in MMO and RPGgames
    *What's your goal in GW2? What do you want to do? Pvp? Pve? A mix? Chilling?

    DONT FORGET: We dont accept your application because of your character in-game, we're more interested in who you are and what you can do to contribute to a cool, relaxed and positive guild-environment.

    Guildrules and etiquette

    1. No offensive language - it's all a matter of situation ofcourse, but all forms av racist - homophobic - sexual harassment is prohibited. All form of harassment towards a guildmember is considered an attack on the guild itself.

    2. Respect towards the community - When you are out there playing with non-members you MUST always see yourself as an ambassador for Chilling Spree. This guild must be considered a great guild with friendly members.

    3. Respect Guildmasters and Officers - Members that have achieved officerstatus are people dedicated to the guild and never take any decisions for own good. They make all decisions for the good of the guild so trust them.

    You are always encouraged to use the guildchat as much as possible. We consider ourselves a social guild with both casual and hardcore dreams. Dont forget that we will be spending countless hours together and hopefully go on for numerous years.


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