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    Veteran PvP Player LF Community

    [Disclaimer, who don't have to read everything to get the message, if you dont feel like reading, skip to the last paragraph. :p ]

    Hello. First off I'd like to introduce myself since this is my first ever post on GWOnline. My name is Opulent. :)
    [ op·u·lent/ˈäpyələnt/ Adjective: Ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish ]

    Lol ^ isnt that stupid to put. :p

    Anyway, I've been playing competitive games since I first put my hands on an Xbox controller at the end of Halo 2's life. I continued playing competitively into Halo 3 and the CoD franchise experiencing limited success on gamebattles. Since then I've moved to PC with a love of the mouse and keyboard feel. ( Not to mention the generally more respectable community. ) I spent a lot of time in PvP on WoW climbing to 2k rating ( dont get me wrong, i know its no feat to brag about ) and have in the last year or so been playing games off and on, as I haven't felt any game keep me extremely interested; until i saw GW2.

    Guild Wars interested me extremely for several reasons:
    I loved WoW, but hated the imbalanced PvP.
    I just plain love MMO's.
    Any game with an out-of-the-box competitive mode is bound to strive as an eSport.
    I love being able to have fun competing and GW2 looks like an ***-load of fun.

    So, since i first heard about GW2 I've been hyping as many of my friends up as i could in efforts to raise a community of my own to play with. Since then however, two of my teammates ( for years ) have been accepted onto a Halo Reach team whom they will be living and competing with. I was asked to join them but I find myself more drawn to GW than anything else.

    So this leads me here, I'm looking for a community of people like-minded with myself. PvP oriented, Level-headed, and Competitive. That being said, I'm in no way an elitist, but i do have much more fun while succeeding. I would appreciate any direction that can be given to me: a guild name, a server name, maybe even a player name who you know is starting some kind of PvP oriented community. Thanks for reading btw, i know its been a little bit much.

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    Dii, TRUE

    Hey there, welcome to the forums!

    We have an alliance from GW 1 here in the forums, which I pimp out any chance I get because I really do love our community a lot - we're still active in GW 1 after all this time and most of us are making the jump to GW 2. The guild I'm a part of is mostly PvE, but I THINK Dii did some PvPing. One of those folks might have more info for you :)

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    Thanks a ton for responding. If you could, send them here to this thread to put in a word. I'm currently bouncing around many of the community forums such as this one, guildwars2live and teamquitter (and others) with similar posts. Thanks again for responding, and ill be sure to look into the alliance. :D

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    Hey Opulent you should check out TopMarks Gaming. We are a very active PVP focused community with Adult gamers from all over the US and EU. While we are currently not limited to just Guild Wars 2 it while defiantly be our main focus. You can feel free to stop by our site and check us out, or chat with us.

    TopMarks Gaming

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    Ty DeadWeight. And thanks for all replies. I'm still looking around. So stoked for this game. :D

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