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    Thumbs up [nuBz] Alliance Recruiting Speed Clear Players/Guilds !

    You Just Got Rolled By [nuBz] Recruiting Speed Clear Experienced Guilds/Members

    The alliance is U.S based with some international players/Guilds!

    The alliance offers a social, active, friendly environment! The Alliance requires vent for our ALL speed clears.

    Speed Clears offered in alliance include
    : UWSC, DoASC, FoWSC
    Occasional dungeon speed clears such as:SoOsc and Bogsc

    The alliance also offers some Title Hunting activities!
    We also have occasional alliance events in game/vent/site

    We have basic alliance rules such as
    No spamming, trolling, rage quitting
    We allow trades in alliance chat (not spammed) and swearing (not excessive)

    We are laid back, fun, chatty, and helpful alliance!

    What we look for in a potential guilds...
    Mature, active, SC focused, experienced, and willing to train others.
    A guild that is social and active on vent -- Ventrilo is required for Ally Speed Clears!

    What the guild has to offer

    Fissure of woe speed clear
    Under world speed clear
    Occasional dungeon speed clears, Shards Of Orr and Bogroots !

    [nuBz] Membership Requirements
    Our requirements 2/3

    Assassin (Must)
    Ebon Battle Standard of Honor (r5 Vanguard)


    Pain Inverter (r4 Asuran)
    Ebon Battle Standard of Honor (r5 Vanguard)

    In addition to simply having these characters with these ranks it is recommended you be experienced with at least one role for each profession, for UWSC and (FoWSC experience is a plus)

    Apply to join the alliance/Guild

    Reply will be given within 24hrs!

    You may also contact us in game

    Leader: X Gods Promise X
    Co Leader: Sick Seditionist

    Our Wiki Page
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