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    Looking for other like minded PVP players. Serious/competitive/e-sports)

    Hello all.

    Names Val Lerian (MVOP Guild in GW1) I haven't decided on GW2 Names yet. Probably to the lines of Angelismortis or I may stick with Valerian.

    Anyone else been thinking about getting heavily into the PVP scene?

    I'm looking for people to play/team up with for structured PVP and maybe world PVP.

    We have a few betas to get through and I know everyone is looking to try all aspects of the game (I know I am), but when the time comes to start spanking other players Id really love to be part of a guild/group/team of people that are as serious as I am.

    It wont be hard in GW2 (as long as people are on the same server) to make multiple guilds for PVP and PVE thanks to the new multiple guild system and representing your "active" guild.

    As far as PVP is concerned if anyone else out there is interested in PVP like I am drop me a message here so we can hook up in one of the Betas and get this thing started. I'm talking playing together as a team using vent/mumble to coordinate and hopefully making a name for ourselves as the game progresses. Id love to turn this hobby/passion into an E Sport opportunity.

    Also people must know how to have fun. Being serious is much appreciated and needed when necessary BUT...not being able to take a joke/joke around/take constructive criticism/Having that "Im Leet, you all are beneath me" attitude is something I don't want and would like to avoid.
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