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    Jade Quarry

    Not sure where I'll end up yet


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    Salvation of Tyria [SoT]

    Awesome, count me in!


    Not sure of my character name yet though. Edit: I shall be named 'Lorelthin'


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    OMG i can not wait for this to start......

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    I'll be on the Steamspur Mountains (US) server and would like to join the GWO guild for the BWEs (at least).

    User ID - OutOfMyMind.9613
    Going to try and get OutOfMyMind for my toon name and starting with a human necromancer.

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    Day Zero ladies and gents! Get ready at 3PM EST 12 Noon PDT (right?)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildoholic View Post
    Day Zero ladies and gents! Get ready at 3PM EST 12 Noon PDT (right?)!
    It's actually 3PM EDT (not EST) and Noon PDT. But yes, it's at 3pm if your on the American East Coast. We went forward an hour in March to enter into Daylight Savings, so it's Eastern Daylight Time. In November, we'll fall back an hour and go to Eastern Standard Time.

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    Guess I'll be picking Vabbi then...SirJack.4760

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    Hope to see ya'll.

    The Artless Dodger.2314

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    Im fairly new to this forum, but I'll be on Steamspur for the beta- Probably making a Guardian called Chady/Chadi/Godian
    I'll hit you guys up

    and so begins the longest 5.5 hours of my life...

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    Dii, TRUE

    Welcome to the forums! If you see any of us, feel free to tag along! We'll all be noobs figuring stuff out together.

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