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    Xeno Piperi

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    Can someone add me please... Ronin Chi

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    Grondella the angry ign gw2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajholiday View Post
    icarus.7316 tag
    arden oakheart human ranger
    well it appears someone stole the name so its arden heartwood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockweaver View Post
    Grondella the angry ign gw2
    That name couldn't be found...
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    I never got an invite.

    IGN: Ashe Arcana

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    Made a toon, her name is Mayana- Im on the steamspur server, blam.1294

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    GW name Ethrikk Smith [TRUE]

    GW2 name Belar Ursanrage

    Steamspur mountains

    Belarus beargod.2703

    Thanks!!!! :)
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