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    The History of Ebonhawke Keep

    In Tyria, Ebonhawke was an Ascalonian town on the edge of the Blazeridge Mountains. In 1080 AE, Ebonhawke was converted into a fortress by Lieutenant Thackeray and Gwen after King Adelbern recalled the Ebon Vanguard from the Far Shiverpeaks. Ebonhawke is the last Ascalonian fort that human kind was able to hold on to after many bitter years of war against the Charr. To allow both nations to focus their attention on more dangerous threats, the awakening of the Eldar dragons, the Human and Charr Empire have formed a tenuous peace agreement. Ebonhawke now represents a uneasy bridge between the Human and the Charr empire, and serves as an outpost for the tired soldier, explorer, merchant or scholar to rest, or replenish their supplies.

    About the Ebonhawke Community

    Just as Ebonhawke serves as a sturdy outpost giving shelter to those in need, this site seeks to openly serve those folks that roam the world of Tyria by providing them with a restful place to tell their stories of victory and discovery, to trade, to link up with old lost friends, or to find new friends with whom to continue to explore the world, in short, a Home to the inhabitants of Tyria. Ebonhawk.org is an open community of GW2 fans.

    Ebonhawke Keep - Home of Guilds and Alliances!

    Ebonhawke.org is not just a guild site. Ebonhawke.org has become the new home of the Eternitylost Alliance, a loose group of guilds joined by the common goal to enjoy gaming together in a mature and relaxed way. The alliance has historic roots that range all the way back to the early days when the world of Tyria was still young, and its paint was still fresh. For the onset of GW2 (starting with this Beta Weekend), the alliance would like to open the doors to anyone who wishes to play the game together. This alliance primarily consists of European and US players.

    In addition, Ebonhawke.org is opening its door to any other guild, alliance or traveler that wishes to make Ebonhawke.org its home in order to further the goal of building a common community based on respect.

    The Ebonhawke Community is going to play the beta on the "Tarnished Coast" for the BWEs.
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