A very small announcement, but thought I'd put it here anyway. As some of you might now, we have a page called "Forum Leaders" linked at the bottom of the forum front page. This list lists all the members of notable forum user groups, such as mods, ArenaNet staff etc. Very handly when trying to find a contact person from a particular group.

The list also listed all the members in the GWOnline Alliance guilds, so it became very bloated and not very user friendly. I have therefore removed guild members from the list.

Anyhoo, the current user groups listed as "Forum Leaders" are:

  • Moderators (all our moderators are also super moderators, i.e. can mod in all forums, but no point in listing twice).
  • Administrators
  • ArenaNet
  • BaR Guild Officer
  • GWOnline Alliance Officer (officers in alliance guilds who do not have their forums here at the site or in MVOP, who do not have a specific "officer" forum group)
  • GWOnline FANtastic Friend (our Guild Wars 2 fansite friends )
  • GWOnline Guild Officer
  • GWOnline.Net Content Team
  • GWOnline.Net Site Pal ()
  • The Order of Dii Guild Officer
  • TRUE Guild Officer