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    The Four Winds - Darkhaven Server. Adults only 21+ in the Rocky Mountains, USA

    The Four Winds is a Casual/Progression guild for adults on the Darkhaven Server. Coming from Age of Conan, we have come to Tyria in search of PvE, PvP, and etc.

    • Do you like the idea of dungeon-crawl drinking games?
    • Are you intrested in winning gold and items in PvP 'fight-club' events?
    • Are you down to gamble away some of your hard earned gold in the Taven with us for some virtual gambling?
    • Do you like fun?

    Then join us! We will balance our hedonistic play styles with a competence and acumen for organizational prowess to progress the guild and elevate our numbers. The Four Winds will provide all in game and out of game resources to help you enjoy the game, whether you prefer PvE, PvP, or solo.

    We are your friends with benefits!

    Our Website
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