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    Can't Login to BETA - Network Error

    So I accepted the agreement and then selected Vabbi....now it keps kicking me out!!
    My AVG Firewall is now off....but still the same thing...Help!!

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    Everyone is getting it.
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    Got in three times now, first I logged out because I thought I'd try making a PvP character (after which I found out you don't have to), then got stuck twice and had to logout to make anything happen. Should've just stayed ingame after I got in the first time :(

    So, logged into character selection again and now I can't press play after getting an error (unable to complete operation aka server overload)

    can't select different characters, can't really do anything but logout... again :(
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    I was able to log on ...rather by accident at 20:00, created a Charr Guardian, entered a true lag fest, doodled around a bit (gathering, lumber jacking & mining now requires basic tool you have to buy - unlike the press beta) and got disconnected with a client crash 10 minutes before 21:00. Now I am in the same boat like the rest of you.

    PS: I get a "can't connect to log-in server" error, but I guess everybody gets the same message (OP wasn't precise at that)
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    Dissapointed...seriously....what was the stress test week about then?!?!?

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    If you get to the char select screen and can't do anything anymore, press F12 and you can logout (not that it helps much, but I guess it's better than alt+F4)

    Anyway, just gonna keep trying, I'll get in eventually :)

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    it's already stressed out :P
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    If you get "can't conncet to login server" I've found restarting the client helps, when you get "unable to complete operation" just keep trying.

    So is anyone else getting to the character selec screen, then getting "operation cannot be completed" after which you're unable to do anything but logout?
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    People who can log in... I hate you all, My charr plushie has vowed to hunt you down to the ends of the world...

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