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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaris View Post
    I am terrible. For some reason, I tend to only have melee weapons when I get to fight the big bosses, and for some reason that usually is not a good idea. Ok, maybe warrior can take it (but she can't), but why did they give a sword as starter weapon for mesmer?!?
    People were raving about sword mesmers in GW1, now people are complaining... just can't please some people :P

    Its not that bad... you can buy/obtain other weapons pretty easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffball View Post
    Warrior is a really tough class to start with I think. When I use my bow everything is extremely easy, when I use my melee everything is very very unforgiving. At least now that I got skills unlocked with all the weapons I can melee with some effectiveness. Still pull out the bow on the event bosses though.
    After playing Warrior and Ele I agree completely. Fighting at range was more or less faceroll compared to melee, not to mention you aren't in nearly as much danger either.

    There were times where I also couldn't see where damage was coming from and would end up getting one-shotted. I'm not sure if it's because the wtfparticleffects but it's very annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyris Requiem View Post
    People were raving about sword mesmers in GW1, now people are complaining... just can't please some people :P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyris Requiem View Post
    People were raving about sword mesmers in GW1, now people are complaining...
    I was probably raving about them. It's a small flaw to start as a sword mesmer, quickly forgotten. They are great, but I think generally you should start as ranged, and then get melee weapons. Or start with one of each.

    Once you get the weapon swap, all is good. I can even see myself playing sword mesmer quite often... just not against bosses ;)
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    Methinks it's too early to talk about bosses needing to be toned down. I've gone up against few bosses and died but that's more of to my getting used to the new game mechanisms.

    I have to agree with Alaris, it'd be helpful for beginning characters to start with at least one melee and one long ranged weapons. Long ranged weapons would help with survivability while players are tangling with the learning curve resulting in less frustration and greater enjoyment. Fortunately ranged weapons drop fairly often in GW2 starting areas so it won't be that long before new avatars will have access to those.
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    Right, so beta isn't beta, it's just too early to discuss.

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    Yup, 6 in the morning with barely anyone else on, scaled DOWN to be "fair" against this boss...

    one auto attack downs me

    It's not a matter of knowing your character if you literally can't do anything

    I'm worried about missing a skill point and trying to come back to get it, being scaled down, and having nobody else in the zone to help. Hopefully my lovely guildmates will all be feeling especially charitable and come to my aid.

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    It's just this one charr boss for what it's worth. Lots of talk on sites about how fighting him is just a wipe fest.
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    One thing this does prove is that the GW2 survivor titles will be a lot harder to get than the GW1 ones, and I suspect will be one of the hardest of all.

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    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    hahaha. I think that title is for certain, not going to be in the game. you would be stuck doing mini games in the cities if you tried that.

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