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    Missing Textures/ Blue Shadows/flikering (help needed)

    The game runs smoothly but I am getting texture problems. Flickers of blue come across my screen.



    When I'm not moving this doesn't appear.
    My laptop is a Fujuitsu Lifebook AH531
    4gb Ram
    CPU: Intel Core i3-2350M 2.30 GHz
    Graphics Card: intel HD 300

    I've downloaded all the latest drivers. Even when I run the game at low I still get this issue. Any suggestions?

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    bump bump bump

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    First of all, do not bump threads. That is against the forum rules.

    Second, it's beta, it may not have been tested on your graphics card. I suggest you file a bug report with Anet using either the in-game bug reporting tool, or the beta forum.


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