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    New to guild wars, little help if possible

    Ive gamed for 10 + years, ive always used the left ctrl key for my teamspeak key. Issue i have is if im talking on teamspeak ( holding it down) and click and ability it spamms the chat. Any way to fix this as i really dont want to use another key. Would be hard for me. Also i definatley dont wanna keep spamming people as its annoying.

    Any help would be appreciated maybe an option i can turn off?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Within Guild Wars 2 if you hit F11 you can set the key bindings to whatever you want.

    Within Guild Wars 1 it's that big button that says 'Menu' on the bottom left.

    I personally like the use of control with each game but if you have found an alternative that you can work with this should help you out.

    Let me know how it goes!


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    F11 also works in GW1 too.

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