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    Jade Quarry


    I have no idea what any of you are talking about. Post screenshots!
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    2nd star to the right

    wouldn't you like to know (maybe not)

    I don't remember seeing anything that clashed like that tbh. I only ran low textures on Friday until the relaunched things, so that might have something to do with it. I'll look out for it on the next beta. After the downtime on Friday my computer ran it a lot faster, so I bumped up the settings and everything looked great. I still just can't get over the amount of little things that they put into the enviros. Everywhere you go, there's something unique. I can't think of any time I've ever seen this amount of hands on approach to level design. There's normally a good bit of duplication. I can't remember seeing any. You really can see how much work they put into it.

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    I'll throw in that I had absolutely no problems with the game's graphics settings. I have a very powerful computer and I ran the game on max settings with no problems. I know other people who have had to run the game on lower settings, and this will undoubtedly affect how the game looked. So, when considering my feedback regarding the graphics, keep in mind that I may be running the game at a setting many people are not--which is why it's important to get a cross section of feedback here.

    I also have the bias here that because I have never had problems with graphics (I rebuild my rig probably once a year to keep up with the newest tech), I tend to be much harder to please because I consider myself a graphics-junkie and, to a certain extent, may take things for granted that others may appreciate. This is a big blindspot in my feedback which I hope you'll keep in mind as a grain of salt when you read what I'm writing.

    Still, I do not necessarily think it invalidates what I'm saying. Perhaps we should also include our rig specs here so ANet or others reading this thread can see from what platform we are making judgments. Optimized graphics will require us to put our feedbacks in context.

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    Oh, alright.

    Windows 7 64 bit ultimate, SP1 (automatic updates.)
    Intel 2600K@4.2ghz (water cooled, overclocked.)
    8GB RAM
    nVidia GTX 560Ti with 1.25GB VRAM (it's the OEM version with a wider bus and more CUDA cores.) - GTX680 in the mail though.
    100/100mb/s fibernet connection.

    Ran the beta client on max settings, no stutter or random frame drops that I noticed, even when there was a lot of spell casting and event bosses.

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    Aurora Glade

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    Windows XP SP3
    Intel Core2Duo E6400
    3GB Ram (I have 4, but due to a 32-bit OS, I can only access 3 and a bit)
    NVidia Geforce GTX 260 (768GB, which explains the 3GB above)

    Ran the client on min settings, large events impossible (<1FSP), medium events doable as long as I stayed range (2-5FPS), exploring went well (15FPS)
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    Anyway, I don't believe that you won't experience any drop in frame in boss fights. There are more than 50 people casting spells in town. I'm using a gtx580 and I can feel a huge drop in fps. :/

    I've realized there are so many people who didn't really like the graphics gw2 has to offer. ): is that really that bad. I thought it was awesome! :/

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    I thought the graphics were amazing as well--only to get better before release as stuff gets optimized.

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    It was very very smooth for me, I kept the graphics on low although I probably could have run at higher settings. WvW and huge events caused some framerate drop (This is why I kept the settings low) I imagine this will go away to some degree with optimisation though.

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    8 GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 (1GB)

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    i like this style, it kinda makes things more natural and living.
    in GW1 i always felt like something is missing, GW2 kinda showed me what.....still can't put my finger on it but it solved it.
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    They didn't look weird to me. I cranked all the graphics up to full and it ran beautifully at 2560 x 1440! Not an ounce of lag.

    Krisanna Wilfire / Magi Stormsurge

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