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    Zaishen Quest: Nundu Bay, Won't Start

    been gone for 2 years, so these zaishen things are new to me.

    but i got it figured, they're like mission repeats, right? okay. so i go on the guild wars wiki under Nundu Bay (Zaishen quest) http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Nundu...ishen_quest%29 it says 'same thing as Nundu Bay quest.' http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Nundu_Bay#Walkthrough

    so i go to nundu bay, i walk out the door, i am NOT in the ronjok village. yes, i DO have melonni in the party. she's not the first hero though, does that make a difference? i ran all the way to ronjok village. i talk to elder jonah, he don't wanna know me. i go through the exit next to the town, end up in sunspear sanctuary. i walk back out to town... same thing, no mission, no cinematics, no dialogues, no quest, elder jonah don't wanna know me.

    the only thing the wiki discussion page says is you have to get the previous mission from this guy in kodash bazaar. i went there, and that guy only has koss' personal mission, not melonni's. at any rate, i have the ZAISHEN MISSION quest. shouldn't that be enough to... well, activate the quest?? is there some other trick to it?

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    You need to be talking to an NPC inside the mission outpost to start the mission. Dreamer Hala or something.

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    is nuudu bay showing as a mission town on your M map? if not you have not gotten far enough into the story yet (nuudu is like th 12th mission or so...you cant just 'show up' and do it).

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