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    Account problem. Character name.

    Hi guys,

    After some time, i wanted to play Guild Wars again. I got Prophecies and Factions registered to one account.
    The problem is, i do not know my character names anymore.
    I already wrote to the Arenanet support, but still waiting for an answer.
    So, i came up with an idea and wanted to ask you if it is possible.

    I thought, maybe, if i register a new game, for example Nightfall, can i login to my account without knowing any character name?
    This way, after i logged into my account with Nightfall, i could view all my other characters and would have full control over my account again right?

    Short version:

    Register new Guild Wars game to my old account -> log into my new account without character name, because it is a new game without any characters(?) -> full access to my account again.

    Thanks for your help.


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    ok i guess i found somewhere else an answer.
    Thanks though

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    I don't think it is possible, afaik the only way to log in without a character name is if you have a brand new account (or an old account with all characters deleted) with no characters on it.

    When you add Nightfall to your existing account, the account will still have characters in it, just no Nightfall ones.

    Regarding character names, maybe you know gaming communities you were a part of where you might have posted a name? Like a trading forum, the wiki etc. Otherwise I think support getting back to you is your only option.
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