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Thread: ok so the pvp

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    ok so the pvp

    i kinda didnt really understand this very well from the guy who was explaining it to me

    the whole "end game starts at lvl 1"thing in terms of the pvp.it kinda looked like there was some strings attached to it,meaning.you can pvp at lvl 1,but for some parts of the pvp your better as a max level character then you would be if you queued up at lvl 1

    plus,what is this max level zone thing ive heard about that has like dungeons and stuff in it.cuz i thought you hit max level and just ran around looking for dynamic events and pvping and stuff i didnt think there was a actual zone dedicated to end game stuff you can go to

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    PvP, there's two kinds:

    Structured PvP is the competitive eSport. When you join that, you are given everything so everyone is on a playing field. Games are short, relatively small (5vs5 is standard, but you can have more or less), and based on capturing and keeping locations.

    World vs World PvP is a large scale war between 3 groups, with hundreds of players joining in (I forget what the limit is, but it's large). You'll often see 50vs50 in given places. You fight for supplies, keeps, and do castle sieges. Here everyone is max level-ish, as in they are equalized in some ways but not all ways. A level 80 has more choice of skills, more trait points, and perhaps better equipment. But the differences are reduced so that you can skill kill him while you are at level 1 if you play well.

    As for PvE, there are dungeons starting level 30, and there is some content for max level too. But since your level scales, you can just go back and play any area and it'll be challenging for you. You can replay dungeons if you want, or dynamic events, or whatever you enjoy.
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