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    Harlequin - Oceanic Gaming Community

    Harlequin is a large Oceanic multi-game clan spanning many MMOs over its history. We currently officially support SW:TOR, GW2, Archeage, and Tera.

    Harlequin was born in September, 2008, primarily as a group of friends looking to play sandbox MMO's with like-minded Australian gamers. The idea was to create a community where good people and good fun was always first above high numbers - within months, Harlequin became the largest MMO guild in Australia, purely because many Australian MMO gamers were looking for the same thing. Through Darkfall, Mortal Online and many other games along the way, our community still keeps the same sensibilities and many of the same members from day 1.

    Check out Harlequin's Story.

    About Harlequin
    Harlequin isn't just a guild - it's a community. We have an active forum with members from all sorts of backgrounds, playing all sorts of games. We have had several guild meetups in capital cities. Harlequin is a close-knit community of people of many ages and from all walks of life.

    We do not have membership restrictions based on class, level, playstyle, etc. Anyone is welcome to join as long as they abide by the rules and want to have fun! And joining us in one game means you can play other games in future with a community you already know.

    In addition to our forums and mumble server, Harlequin uses many tools to assist in communication and coordination. Our website features event calendars, a marketplace, a wiki, a signature creator, and Call to Arms (which allows an officer to alert all members signed up via email or text message to an event such as a siege for fast response).

    GW2 Plans
    Harlequin is recruiting all hardcore and casual players alike for PvX gameplay. We have traditionally gravitated towards PvP, and as such, we will be doing a lot of WvW, as well as structured PvP, with the aim to dominate and make a name for ourselves as we have in so many other games. Harlequin has always made a name for itself, being known as the "best of the reds" in Mortal Online, and winning the first AvA season on the Tradewind server in Global Agenda.

    On the PvE side, we will be taking on world bosses, explorable mode dungeons, and anything else the devs want to throw at us.

    Joining Harlequin

    * Age: 17+
    * Play during oceanic hours (GMT +10ish)
    * Must have and use Mumble for voice communication
    * All members of Harlequin are required to play officially supported games (those with their own forums on our site) only under the Harlequin tag
    * Members must follow our anti-griefing policy

    To join, make an account at our website, then click the "apply" button at the top of the page. Please be diligent in your application - we don't require an essay, but a few lines are appreciated.
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    Join Harlequin in WvW for the next beta event! Harlequin will be transferring to Crystal Desert for BWE2.

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    Harlequin continues its recruiting spell with a steady rate of new players joining us! Harlequin has been working hard on the alliance front with many guilds approaching us, seeing our guild credible to be apart of their larger picture.

    Whether someone interested in joining or an Guild Leader/Officer interested in acquiring an alliance with us, please come and approach us!

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    From the beginning of our recruitment drive back in April, Harlequin today has flourished not only with many new individuals but across all areas that we sought to achieve. To this day, we receive plenty of applications to join and would like even more like minded individuals to bolster our dynamic community that I'm sure will cater for your own aspirations as well as ours.

    We have organized ourselves more recently in an alliance that will allow us to grow and become a prolific contender within the PvP scene as well as organized strategies to undertake PvE efficiently, pump out a stable economy through crafting and many other areas of the game that you, as a potential member won't need to worry about.

    With only 17 days to go (early access), come join Harlequin today and get settled in before our massive campaign begins!

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    Less than 72 hours and counting! Recruitment remains open, join us for the big day.

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