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    Suggested Guild Influence Roadmap


    I spent some time in the BWE trying to work out the most efficient way to build and create guild upgrades.

    The principles I worked on was that
    - Keep influence buffs up as much as you can
    - Try to give guildies something shiny for their efforts as soon as you can
    - Prioritise building a broad foundation and giving useful stuff as opposed to 'fluff items' like banners and logo's.
    - I excluded the use of extra influence to speed things up

    Anyway. Here is my attempt. Now i'm not saying it's the be and end all, but hopefully it'll be a useful discussion and starting point either to improve it or for your own guild.

    My Guild (DVDF) is primarily PvE focussed, so i'm sure if your guild is PvP only the order and items will vary.

    Anyway, hope this is of use. Sorry for the image size, tried to get it smaller but then it would'nt be readable
    GW2 guild influence.jpg

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    Wow, that looks pretty cool. I haven't researched it at all, but glad someone is looking into these things.

    I think you have some good priorities, but I think people also like their guild banners and such fluff items. Other than that it looks like a good place.

    The increased guild influence boosts, I have to wonder if you want that 24/7 or if you want to concentrate that on weekends. I guess it really depends on guild activity, because you might end up spending more than you earn back on low activity days. Food for thought.
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