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    {EU} Exterminatus <WvW-PvP-PvE>


    We are Exterminatus (formerly Damned Souls). Our guild was forged in 2007 to destroy Order in Warhammer Online(WAR). Since then our guild has grown and evolved through MMO’s such as WAR, AION, Rift and SWTOR. Now we have set our sights on expanding into Guild Wars 2, we have many members ready to play GW2 and we are looking to recruit more members to join us.

    Community, fun and friendship are ideals we seek to promote with our members. We are a mature (18+) multinational guild based in the EU (GMT/CET) and are English speaking. It is not expected of our members to be in-game everyday however we do expect all members to be active and play with the guild on a regular basis. Work, education and family always comes first with us.

    Guild Goals
    (1) The Community:- The most import thing to the guild is of course the community, we aim to maintain and expand the community for the long-term future.
    (2) Teamwork and grouping:- we encourage our members to group up with other members as much as possible and work as a team together.
    (3) Activties:- We plan to mostly play in a group/groups doing WvW, PvP and PvE. We will also be doing events and activities with our guild allies in WvW.
    (4) Guild objectives:- our main objective is to have fun while enjoying all aspects of the game. We will not try and compete with other hardcore guilds but we aim to do all things well.

    We expect our members to be active and use the forum on a regular basis as this will be a key means of communication. Members must be willing to use Mumble preferably at all times when in-game. When joining guild groups this is especially important to us as it helps with teamwork and cohesion within the guild and it also helps builds community spirit.

    If we are the type of guild you are looking for and you would like to join our community please register an account and then submit an application on our website first. If you just want to apply to the guild to get all the benefits then please DO NOT APPLY.

    Before you apply to our guild please make sure you have fully read and that you understand and agreed to the rules and requirements for the guild as stated on our ‘About us’ webpage and 'guild charter' webpage at http://www.exterminatus.eu
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    we are seeking more members to join us.
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    We are looking for more members, next OBT we are playing on server 'Gunners Hold'.

    Check out our WvW night in the last OBT.

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    We seek more members to join us in GW2.

    Welcome to our new members Dominion, Gyzz & Bonzo

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    we still have room for more members. And welcome to our new recruits.

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    Hello there,

    We are moving from Aurora Glade [EU] to our new home, Seafarer's Rest [EU]. We have been extremely happy on AG and seen many successfully WvsW battles. The main reason for this move is that we feel our guild members would benefit from the better organised and more active WvsW community already based on Seafarer's Rest. There has also been a large flux of our allies moving from AG to SR and as we enjoy working with these guilds it is another reason to pack up the wagons and move on.

    To all the players who have worked with us on AG and are staying we wish you all well

    Exterminatus still has places left for new members, so if you are a mature, friendly and helpful player who enjoys playing GW2 with friends then why not take a look at our website.


    Best regards,

    Recruitment Officer

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    Hello all,

    This is just to update our recruitment thread with some new information. We have now made our home on the Seafarers Rest server (EU) and are enjoying some great success here with our WvsW efforts. There have been some epic battles and hard fought wins. We are also happy to now have seen tier one and know this server has a very capable compliment of other guilds.

    If you are looking for a new home in Guild Wars 2 please come and say hello at our website.


    As always we are seeking mature, friendly players keen to delve into the social aspects of the game.

    All the best,

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