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    Problem with my GW Account

    Hi all

    I really need help with my prob, I can't find any other way to solve it reading or even under ncsoft technical assistance.

    There has been lot of time without using my GW acc, yesterday I tried to relog on it but I didn't remember my password. My account ends in "@gmail.com" is an old GW account (since they released prophecies) and I can't remember thing such as my birthday (because I was under 18 when I played it)

    I tried contacting NCsoft and they answered me with a mail and they auto-create an account type "xxxxx@live.com" (my new mail acc, to follow my technical issues but when I try to log in it doesn't allow me to write the full mail adress account, it only lets me to type "xxxxx@live" so I can't enter in my account.

    Anyone may help me please?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try the GW support forums: https://forum.guildwars.com/forum

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