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    It would make sense though that warrior has weapons with so similar functions (aside for single-target vs AoE, which is pretty important) because he has a lot of weapons to pick from especially melee. You get to pick out of 5 melee burst skills, that is, 2 from 2H weapons and 3 from 3 main-hand weapons.

    Not counting off-hands, 5 different melee styles is hard to come up with, and from what I tried the melee weapons felt pretty different. 2H is AoE, swords is mobility, mace/hammers is control/shutdown, and axe is damage (AoE only).

    I wish guardian had more weapon choices. Bow and axe would be nice.
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    I assume Tyris was talking about PvP, so to bring it back a bit, I think the difference is more potential shutdown via mace or more versatility via hammer. I could almost see both on swap. KD with mace at range, rush in and daze, then etc.

    I played mostly PvE last BWE though, I want to play mostly PvP next BWE.

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