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    Theorycraft: Debuff and Daze builds

    So I've seen a lot of complaining about our class, but I love it and think its one of the most original ideas out there right now. For every complainer out there, there's also some people who get it. Mesmers aren't powerhouse damage dealers, they're support damage and condition-ers. Based on that concept I have two builds for you guys to critique:

    The Master Debuffer

    Staff and Scepter/Torch
    Traits: 0/0/30/10/30

    With maxed out toughness and abilities like Feigned Escape, The Prestige, Mass Invisibility, and activating Signet of Domination your survivablity is quite high allowing you to live to debuff another day. Null Field helps you maintain control of the boon/condition situation and I just love Mirror Images.

    The only trait I'm not sold on is Illusionary Elasticity in the Illusion line. Does it also effect Winds of Chaos that are used by your clones?

    The Dazzler

    Scepter/Pistol and Greatsword
    Traits: 30/0/10/0/30

    This build is all about keeping your opponents skills on lockdown with Trick Shot, Diversion, and Manta of Distraction. I went with Mantra of Recovery for my heal since I was getting the Harmonius Mantras trait anyway. Also having the Illusion traits Imbued Diversion and Illusionary Persona give this build it's staying power. Those two together mean you can daze aoe around illusions and self using the Diversion (F3) shatter. Pair that with having Illusionary Invigoration and the active ability on Signet of Illusions and +30% Guile and you'll be able to keep people locked down more often than not.

    Also, I threw in Greatsword training to give you some damage. Since this build is so daze heavy, I debated throwing in skills like Halting Strike but thought Greatsword Training would be more consistent.

    What do you guys think? I feel these builds are playing way closer to how the class was intended to be played.

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    Interesting builds...

    I made this one with a focus on interrupting as much as possible, I notice some similarities with one of yours.

    Personally, I'd be making a build with lots of clones and phantasms, that also promotes shattering them often. I'd have to make a new one because last time I played with that, skills got updated since.
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    as a thief id say i had some of my most favorite fights against a mesmer, they are a lot of fun to fight and figure out, best fights i had were against them and they were always such close fights. i won a good amount because i really learned out to spot out the real mesmer from the fakes but i was always 5-10% hp at the end of the fights

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