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    South of Heaven [SoH], PvPvE, US et al -- recruiting

    Website: www.sohguild.com
    Founder: Ashin
    Chapter Lead: Feramoan
    Multi-platform community of gamers; PvPvE
    18+ please

    South of Heaven recruits mature adults with a good attitude and a focused gaming philosophy. As an established gaming community, we value personal responsibility, independence and solid, coordinated, team-work. If you wish to join us in GW2, please write an introduction in Public Access; tell us about yourself and what you think is most important that we know about you and your gaming background.

    Our thread here is simply to let people know that South of Heaven will have an official chapter in GW2 and graciously invite those interested in helping us swell our numbers to post an introduction. Given the breadth of what GW2will offer, and the well-established proficiency of our current members, we will leave no stone unturned… not in PvE, PvP or in WvWvW. Our Chapter's primary focus for this title will be W-PvP.

    For those unfamiliar with SoH:
    We strongly believe in attracting quality members via in-game interaction, and of course by our sterling reputation (chapters have included such games as EQ2, Warhammer, WoW, Aion and Rift). Our chapters have participated in both PvP and PvE activities, with a focus on end-game content. As such, both our Warhammer and Aion chapters were leaders in the vanguard of world PvP, and our WoW chapter is currently in the top 500 U.S. guilds for raid progression. As stated: we leave no stone unturned.

    Our leadership is exceedingly stable (8+ years) and we all enjoy a drama-free environment that is comprised of adults with jobs and families. We are avid players who respect the balance needed for both gaming and real life responsibilities. As a community, we believe in assisting gamers to find their own stride in reaching their own personal best, but realize that it's up to the you to play the game. Whether you have oodles of time to commit to playing (hardcore gamer) or have a limited gaming schedule (casual player), you are welcome to join us. What's important is that you are enthusiastic, engaged, and are able to balance independent play with solid teamwork.

    In PvE we strive to participate in end-game content without feeling the need to race to the finish line (although it's your choice to do so if you wish). We are a group-focused community when the game calls for grouping, but we are also independent players who are able to go it alone when that is called for.

    In PvP, we are tenacious but civilized. We respect those who prefer solo PvP and at the same time encourage those who enjoy both large and small group-based PvP to participate in coordinated teamwork with an eye on executing whatever objectives the game places before us.

    Above all, SoH is about fair play, cooperation, and coordination, including such areas as leadership, management and membership. We prize a willingness to communicate, a desire to engage, and a winning attitude in our members.

    If any of this lights your fire and you believe you're a good fit, by all means, let us know via an introduction. You'll be granted access to the GWs threads and earn recruit status once the game goes live.

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    Thank you all for visiting our forum homepage. Our Chapter has reached just over 50 :)
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    Our website has been aflutter with activity ^^ Our GW2 Chapter is now 70 strong and I'm in the throes of deciding which server gets to host us xD

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