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    So combos, how did they turn out?

    To start off the discussion, I'll mention my consistent personal experience. Thieves have a smoke screen they can throw down that, among other things, causes projectiles to cause blinding when passing through. That meant I could combo with myself dozens of times per battle, and it was quite significant. Like huge. Very neat game play mechanic and insanely useful.

    Other than that I have very little idea what was going on or what the effects were. I combo'd a lot with a guardian party member when he would put done some sort of bubble, but I don't know what the bubble's effect was or what the combo effect was.

    What were your experiences?

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    Pretty much the same. If I was really looking, I could see some of the combos going off, but it was almost never planned. Just an added bonus; basically what I expected.

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    If the combos have as much potential as the one I mentioned, I feel like it's just a matter of us learning about them. For example often times I would throw down a smoke screen directly in front of a ranger, and instead of him blinding the entire enemy field, he would run through it to keep shooting.

    I have no idea what my bubble combos did, for all I know I was insta-kiling Zhaitan every time I combo'd.

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    I love the idea of combos and they are fun to do. I think they need to be made more "noticeable" somehow--especially in prepping and execution for players to realize they go on (WITHOUT MORE PARTICLE EFFECTS). That is another thing, particle effects need to be taken down so they can be done easier in certain cases--goes for general as well, can't do squat in a light show. Also I think the defensive combinations should have some equal footing in being recognized--its way easy to see the offensive, and arrow goes through flames to become a flaming arrow; the buff radiates and tingles your toes when it is triggered by so and so's whatever, ho hum--but I feel all tingly.

    I do think combos will be used in part more by a skilled player group than the general masses.

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    I completely forgot about combos until I combo'ed with Raye's mesmer once.

    And couldn't really seem to replicate it..

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    My strategy is to try shooting through effects, and to put effects in the path of where people shoot. That alone can generate a lot of combos even if you have no real clue what you're doing.

    In time I'll learn them though, because even by random stuff I figured out a few. My ranger could use the pet to make a poison cloud I could combo off of.
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    I liked them, more so with my necro since two of the marks created a combo effect, but I think I'd like it if there was something that showed what each of my combo skills did when used in a combo, something like AION's skill chain tree would be nice. It'd also give newer player who aren't familiar with combining their spells/skills a guide to go by.

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    While I was playing a necro, no one seemed to understand that when I placed a spirit wall betwen them and a ranged enemy, they were not supposed to step through and keep shooting. I figured I could some how offer them them some sort of protection. But it doesn't work if players don't get what it is supposed to do. Like wise I placed lots of marks, but I'm not sure if they did much of anything. I did find some of the skill chains very useful, like summonning minions, and then exploding them on top of clusters of enemies.

    Whenever a guardian placed a bubble, I would try to make use of it by stepping into it. I'm not sure if it did offer me much protection. But I'd like to think so.

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    There were many fields, but as a necro I didn't have a finisher :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by harniq View Post
    There were many fields, but as a necro I didn't have a finisher :(
    I played a necro the entire BWE, they have a finisher. i think it was skill 1 for the staff.

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