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View Poll Results: What is your Elementalist's Weapon of Choice?

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  • Dagger - Close range is were I should be

    5 20.00%
  • Scepter - Medium range is the best

    10 40.00%
  • Staff - Long range spells and great field effects

    10 40.00%
  • Conjures & environment weapons - People just need to use them

    0 0%
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    What is your Elementalist's Weapon of Choice?

    After a lot of people had the chance to play test an Elementalist during the first BWE, I wanted to add a poll to the forum, where you can vote for you favourite weapon, so:

    What is your Elementalist's Weapon of Choice?

    I have not included a division between the use in PvP, WvWvW and PvE, but you are encouraged to add this to your personalized answer as well (especially after so many people praise the Staff on the official forums).

    I have not included Focus, Off Hand Dagger and Trident, as the first two just add to a "special combat range" of the main hand weapons and the last one is a special purpose weapon. I have included Conjures and environmental weapons though, because I want to know how well those were received and used by the players.

    Just a footnote:
    It is not possible to swap weapons during combat via the inventory as a substitute for a missing weapon swap button, so you are "stuck" with your weapon.
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    I'm not sure I know enough yet to really be able to choose.

    I think for PvE, the Staff seemed better. For PvP, I still intend to try out Dagger/Dagger because of the mobility it provides.

    I still haven't tried out the environmental weapons though, will certainly try next time!
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    Im pretty sure ill be rolling Scepter and dagger off-hand. Just get the coolest abilitys this way, the Pheonix and Ride a Lightning witch is pretty mutch the best ability of all imo!

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