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    Another method would be to see how much world completion you achieve by just mapping your home city. Then just do the same for each subsequent beta and see if the world completion percentage changes. Same when the game comes out. If it works out to 2% and stays constant, you can estimate the world as being 50 times the size of your home city. Quick and probably easier to know whether you have uncovered the same amount of space from test to test.

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    Some may consider this a bit spoilerish, I guess, and I can't vouch for the accuracy or legitimacy of these myself, but have a look at the following if you're curious-

    Guild Wars 2 Database map - zoom in and out google map-style.

    GW2 Tyria map - I believe this shows zones accessible in beta highlighted (never got very far, myself, so I don't know.)

    GW2 Tyria map - zone levels shown.

    I got these from the Tales of Tyria episode 29 show notes. They did discuss this in the show but I can't remember the details.

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    far shiverpeak

    the legendary alterans

    somehow this ascalon makes no sense, where ascalon city stood is nothing like what you see in GW1.
    even when you look at the cinema you see parts of the city still there, when i look at the map all i can see are some straight walls that doesn't even have the shape of ascalon.
    .....it just doesn't fit.......parts are gone from ascalon it self, even the crystal next to asfort is gone while you clearly see one higher up.
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    I was confused initially with where Ascalon City was as well. All that's left is a few walls really and they have moved stuff around quite a bit.

    That Guild Wars 2 Database map is great but there is more there than what I found to explore. Was this the actual Beta Weekend map because there are quite a few zones I could not get too? I got stopped by invisible walls on paths, in mountains, and swimming.

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    So I managed to clear all zones including all waypoints, hearts, poi and skill points. I can now confirm that poi AND skill point completion count towards map completion. I was unsure if hearts counted honestly (they didn't seem to be but I completed my hearts before everything else in every zone).

    I took screenshots of every zone stats but I'll just use the Gendarran Fields as an example...

    Beta World is 34% of the total world including:
    102/265 Hearts
    279/480 Waypoints
    187/580 Points of Interest (POI)
    51/176 Skill Points

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    The percent of waypoints worries me a tad, if over half of them are in the starter areas, how much running do you think we'll need to do later on? Although I am expecting that that's including pvp and wvw, which have a fair amount as well.

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    Yeah, but we have no clue as to whether the total is for the game, or just some subset of it.

    Did the total increase between Press beta, BWE1, and BWE2? That is, did the addition of LA and then of that new area actually increase the total?
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    Quote Originally Posted by djacob View Post
    The percent of waypoints worries me a tad, if over half of them are in the starter areas, how much running do you think we'll need to do later on? Although I am expecting that that's including pvp and wvw, which have a fair amount as well.
    I didn't go into WvW at all yet. I imagine those would not be included because they're in the mists and not actually on Tyria itself. There are only 25 zones apparently and the beta covers 11 of them (including cities). So the number of waypoints kinda makes sense (just over half).

    P.S. Full completions of each zone gives you a chest reward (The rewards included transmutation stones - usually 3 per completion, plus other items).

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    Hmm, ok. I'm just comparing based on the fact that you've uncovered 34% of the map and the other three things you mention are closer to 1/3rd completed, which seems to compare quite nicely to the percent of the map you've uncovered. So maybe the amount of waypoints per zone are similar, but the zones are larger so there will be more walking. It's just speculation at this point in time obviously. They could always add or remove waypoints as well as hearts/poi/skill points. For instance, Yulia was having a hard time giving out her skill point, she better get to work or they might axe her.

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    I did a similar thing, Hadder, although I skipped the cities for the most part. There was a lot of content that didn't count towards the percent explored, so that made me happy that I had not played a third of the game in just a few days. The dungeon didn't, the charr mini-dungeon didn't, most of the jumping puzzles didn't, the spider cave in Gendarran Fields didn't, PvP didn't. There were even labeled areas on some of the maps I missed unveiling before finishing all the points in a zone.

    As far as I can tell it's based off of "vanquishing" the zones. The map completer thing always pops up after you finish a vanquish. You also get the individual zone completer thing pop up every time you do a heart, PoI, skill point or WP.

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