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    Imperial Gaming [iG] Hardcore PvP - Aus/US Timezone

    Timezone: Aus / US
    Recruitment Status: Open
    Focus: Structured Pvp + WvW
    Website: http://www.imperial-gaming.net/home

    About -
    The guild is new; our players are not. We are a collective of talented gamers from various guilds who have been united through mutual respect and recognition of one anotherís skill in past games spanning from MMOs to FPSs. Our focus for most of us has always been PVP but we have also had many world ranking PVE accomplishments and will do the same for GW2. We especially seek to reign supreme in the eSport aspects of GW2

    We expect an achievement oriented mindset from our members. Your skill and involvement will determine your place in our internal team ranks within the guild but we do not have stringent requirements for hours of play at this time.

    Vision -
    Put simply, our aspiration is to be the best and to be dignified in the process. We push ourselves and our comrades to strive for, and to achieve excellence in all endeavors. We practice good sportsmanship and win with humility - should we ever lose, it shall be with grace. We can still dominate as pragmatic conquerors instead of spiteful tyrants.

    We put strong emphasis on teamwork and you will find exceptional team-based play in both our PVP and PVE engagements. We deeply invest in our membersí growth and coach their development and are always open to critique ourselves. We strategize, theory-craft, and learn our professions inside and out as well as others. We will compose our crafting structure to pool and efficiently allocate resources to ensure economic supremacy.

    Expectations -
    Our image is important to us. Each of our members is an effective representative of our guild and will be expected to conduct themselves in respectable a way that coincides with our vision. The fundamental premise is that like-minded individuals should know by default what not to do but in case further clarification is required, some examples include drama, cheating, exploiting, trash talking, trolling, and general childish behavior. Such antics will see you removed quickly regardless of your skill Ė maturity is paramount.

    Recruitment -
    Our recruitment status is high but we are not a zerg guild. Everything will be structured and managed effectively. We simply wish to have core teams each with enough members to effectively dominate each specific aspect of the game and especially in the case of WvWvW, we do need a number of members from multiple time zones to ensure consistent guild and server presence. We also wish to have enough variety of players to support multiple play styles so everyone has a potential niche group with which to participate. Casual play will be tolerated but if you are a very casual player you will probably have more fun in a casual guild. Come to Imperial if you care about winning.

    Officer positions are open to those who show aptitude for them. We are currently looking for PvE officers, recruitment officers, and a crafting officer/manager. If you are interested please leave a note in your application. Leadership is not a ceremonial title, initiative and tenacity is expected.
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    Filling out nicely, still looking for a few more skilled pvpers!
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