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    Post Invitation / Request - Online Survey on knowledge/perception of Asperger's Syndrome


    I am currently taking an "Effective Speaking" class at my local university. We currently have an assignment where we will need to present a 15 minute speech about a topic selected for us, backed by different methods of research.

    The topic that was selected for me was "Asperger's Syndrome - Some common knowledge & perceptions." One of the methods of gathering research I've chosen is to conduct a short online survey, with questions reflecting on peoples basic knowledge and perception of Asperger's syndrome.

    So I would ask that you go to the survey I have setup and answer the questions as best as you can. there are only 13 questions, and the survey will only take a few minutes to do. It would be very helpful and I would appreciate it if you could do this.

    Click here to take the survey now
    The survey was created with eSurveysPro.com survey software.

    Please note I have done what I can to protect your privacy - no information is being collected related to yourself (IP Address, e-mail, etc), nor are any personally identifying questions asked.

    Thank you.

    PS. Yes, I'm no word-smith when it comes to writing these kind of post's.
    PPS. I know "Asperger's" is misspelled in the survey. Unfortunately I can't correct this at this time without wiping the data already collected.
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    A dead one (SF)

    I found an excellent documentary about Assburgers.

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    Tru Reptile - Thank you for your response. Yes, I incorrectly spelled Asperger's in the survey and in this topic. I have corrected the spelling, but am unable to correct the thread title myself.

    While I know you were trying to be funny and/or troll this thread, your commentary does provide valuable feedback in it's own way. This is because your changing of the name to your version is something that I have come across previously and during this survey, it does reflect a common perception and stereotype and attitude regarding the name of the syndrome and the the common incorrect spelling of Asperger's - this being Asberger's, leading to trolling/joking referring it as "assburgers".

    Rob Van Der Sloot - thank you for the picture. I find it amusing and have saved it for future use myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamatsu View Post
    Rob Van Der Sloot - thank you for the picture. I find it amusing and have saved it for future use myself.
    I hope it was also informative, and helpful in teaching you about the pointlessness of doing a survey on a forum dedicated to one particular videogame that has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with your survey.

    It was also meant to illustrate the overall pointlessness of all surveys in general. It is my opinion that all of these surveys serve no purpose what so ever, and are just a big waste of our time, and other people's paper. In the end both the survey and its results end up in the collective internet trashcan below the papershredder, and we'll never hear about it again. It will not have taught anyone anything, and will have just wasted time, bandwidth and space on a forum where a meaningful discussion could have taken place about something else.

    Or... you know, it could have just been a thread about bacon, or where someone posts cute random pictures of kittens. Either way the thread would have been 100% more useful.

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