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    [EU] Ventures - Competitive PvP, Progression Raiding

    We’re Ventures, we’re approaching our second anniversary as a guild. After founding the guild in RIFT and regretfully picking TOR as our second game we’ve decided to make the move here. We currently have a core of around 10 players that might see some growth from old members.

    We’re recruiting players for every aspect of GW2 (With the exception of roleplaying), our goal is to compete on a high level wherever that competition exists. We're primarily interested in the people we recruit, rather than the players. However at the same time one of our main goals is filling our ranks with people who play to win, no matter what part of the game they're playing.

    We prioritise a healthy guild atmosphere because in the long run that is going to get us where we want to go, as opposed to being yet another guild that faded away when the next game came out. Building a solid community is one of our main goals.

    We maintain separate divisions for the PvP, Raiding and Social playstyles, the former are split because we don’t wish to force people into doing something they don’t enjoy. Both groups are what we consider “Hardcore”, they’re expected to perform exceptionally well. Our Social division is for the people who we love to game with, but who simply don’t have the time and effort required to play on the level that our other groups require. This basically means that anyone we like has a place in our guild.

    Our goals are simple, we play to win, we do our best to be the best. We enjoy competing with what has been the best available competition in our previous games and we have no intention of stopping now. We do it for the love of the game and competition itself.

    And to clarify the title of the thread, while Progression Raiding may not apply very well to the PvE in GW2 our goal does translate. We simply intend to clear all content offered by the game and we strive to be among the first to do so. Also, Progression Grouping sounds pretty silly.

    We have a fairly extensive recruitment section covering pretty much everything you might want to know about us, everything we’ll want to know about you as well as a simple system for applications. If you're interested in joining us have a look at the following link:

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    We're still recruiting more people for all our divisions.
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    And up we go, while there were some bugs with the sPvP system we managed to get a few good games in during the last weekend. Now's your last chance to join up, get to know us and get settled in time for release.

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    We are still looking to grow before release, we want to go in strong and stay that way.

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    And we've gone in, we're still short of the member base we'd like to have but we've still managed to go zerg stomping in WvW, and we've had a great time in there last two days. We're loving the game.

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