Servius Sancti is a new guild started specifically for Guild Wars 2. Our members come from various guilds in other games such as Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, EVE and others. Our leader Merex has plenty of experience leading both small and large groups in PvP as well as been a guild leader (he is guild leader of Organization of Freep Spies in Lord of the Rings Brandywine Server). Our officers and squad leaders also have guild leadership experience as well as the know how of leading groups of multiple sizes.

In Guild Wars 2 we plan on focusing on PvP both in organized WvWvW and competitive structured PvP. We pride ourselves on not only thinking quick on our feet and applying outside the box thinking and strategies but also working along side our servers community to be the best server we can be and being dominate as a server. We will not only focus on PvP though, since Guild Wars 2 offers us a wonderful new way to experience PvE we plan on being committed to that at as well.

What you can expect from us:

A friendly fun filled guild that can be like your in game home.
Excellence and quality and a competitive or more laid back atmosphere depending on what you need.
Active in forums, chat, vent and in-game.

What we expect from you:

Can work well with a team.
Friendly and laid back.
Can take constructive criticism.
Active in forums, game and have Ventrillo installed.

If you think this fits you then please apply, we are always looking for new people to experience games with and enjoy fighting alongside. Servius Sancti Application

Eris Luciferia: Community Ambassador
Servius Sancti