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    Populist vote ignores research, law, and even impact on those concerned. The cost on gaays is not warranted by the (non-)gain of the straight. Lots of people don't even know what is good for them, experts have to make unpopular choices all the time.
    True. However it does impact many straights who have *** friends. I go to *** clubs all the time simply because the atmosphere is so much better there. If gays are unhappy, I'm unhappy because I support my friends' rights.

    I expect everyone to have the same rights as me. I can marry so why can't *** people? It's really a non-issue if you start to think about it.

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    I meant it's bad that uninformed people get to be so influential. They get to mess up other's lives at no real benifit to themselves. There is no real logical reason to go against gaays.
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