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    Sorry, but I have a couple of friends who make electronic music in varying styles, and they offer downloads of their albums for free - and they're not exactly well-off, money wise. They have donations open to people after they deliver the product, and any instruments they own they worked hard to get the usual way. You don't even offer people a sample of your work so they know what they would be pledging towards.
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    Its you first post... I looked at the list of where the money is going and it basically said; give me money for a synthesizer... Asking for $2500 is ridiculous when we have nothing to go on at all. Actually all the other costs are pretty inflated.

    I mean come on do you take us for idiots?

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    he would've bin better of if he actually made something, i could just as much say i will make guitar music for GW2 but the difference is, i have a guitar.
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    This is for you, Art :)

    Guild Wars 2 Theme - Techno Remix

    Provided to the community for free, because that's what I've always done. I wanted to give everyone at least a short sample of the type of work I intend to have in the soundtrack.

    I appreciate everyone's feedback. Malhavoc knows I've been involved with the community for sometime, in fact, his GW1 character is in The Boat Crew video that we made (good times :)

    The Kickstarter idea was about trying to make something better than just YouTube videos or mp3 downloads. The idea is to hire an artist, make real album art, and deliver a product. As with all Kickstarter projects, the rewards are funded by the donations. People are not giving you money for something you could offer for free: they are giving you money to cover legitimate production costs, like buying equipment to make better music, printing the art on to 100s of CDs and delivering those CDs wherever your backers live. It's not a scam. It's a pre-purchase model. Just like...Guild Wars 2 is. You've probably already paid for Guild Wars 2. Yet you have no product. You've "pledged" for the product that has no release date and has simply been promised to you. The model is identical.

    So enjoy the free song, keep on being passionate for this game and this community. You all are a tough crowd, no doubt. Kickstarter is full of controversy, and if aren't interested, that's cool. But it's legit and for others that may be interested in getting this product, they should have that right to pledge to the projects they want to support.

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    Yes the crowd is tough (sometimes), but you did also kinda dive right into it there too. Asking for money (already here warning bells are chiming) up front for a product that does not yet exist, with nothing else to go on than your yet to be proven word, no wonder people are skeptical. The sample is a first step for that last part (nice remix btw!), but still.

    Word of warning though, if you are selling a product (albeit non-profit) featuring the Guild Wars 2 name and trademark, you might actually be in breach of copyright. I mean, ArenaNet are usually cool with all kinds of fan projects, and I've never heard anything against people getting ad revenue for featuring Guild Wars 2 content. But I can imagine once you package it and straight up sell it for money they might not be as forgiving.

    If I were you I would make sure I got an OK from ArenaNet (in writing) before starting to collect money for your project. Would kinda suck if you collect money, make the product, then ANet pull the plug on the project. You'd have to pay back all the kickstarter money at the very least.. Could get messy.
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    When is the gw2 metal sountrack going to be available? Fast paced action games need a soundtrack worthy of Serious Sam 3, I say. Back in my day, a game wasn't complete without a chorus of distorted guitars! You young whippersnappers with your dials and touchpads and bloops and blips ought to be ashamed!

    But you deserve props for using 'techno' correctly, rather than using it as a catch-all term for EDM. I clicked on it wondering if it was going to be some Deleriumish pop or deadmau5ish house, and got actual techno instead. I'll be damned.

    And now I'm in an electronic music mood. Time to dig through my Skinny Puppy collection.
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    Haha, yeah shawn, I hear ya. My (least) favorite is when people think that anything electronic is now called dubstep. No, it's really not.

    As far as the copyright concerns, the packaged album will not include anything from the Guild Wars name, or any themes from the original game. This is to prevent copyright infringement. It will essentially be a techno album that just happens to work well with the Guild Wars 2 game.

    That being said, there is some contingency on the response from Arenanet. I have formally submitted this project to them so they are 100% aware of its existence. I am still awaiting an official response from them and will follow whatever stipulations they place on it. If they aren't comfortable with the project, I can simply produce a smaller scale project and give it to the community for free. Everybody wins.

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    Thanks Khade!

    I really enjoyed it, more of an 8-bit electro remix of the main theme than techno (Which is more to my liking!).

    Now that you have a sample out, are willing to do a smaller scale production for free and dealing with heckling I wish you the best on it - you certainly are persistent and that deserves credit, hopefully the kind where you can realise your full potential.

    I hope Anet and you find a nice balance on the project. I'll be keeping an eye out for you and sincerely wish you the best of luck!


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