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    [EU] : AURA is Now Recruiting

    Click Here to Visit Us Now!

    Hi ya,
    Thank you for taking the time to view our Guild Advert, and congratulations on taking the first step towards finding the perfect Guild for you!.

    ** ABOUT US:
    We are a Re-Active EU Guild that plays mostly during the time zones of GMT-2, GMT-1, GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2.
    AURA was first born in 2004 within Guild Wars and held a community of over 200 people. After 6 years of success, AURA went into hybernation with a promise of a return & reunion for Guild Wars 2.
    During our time in GW1, we recieved recognition and praise from both GWG & Gameamp..

    2006-Member Vote: "One of the Best & most Successful Guilds in GW " by other guild wars players on GWG.

    2007-Member Vote: "One of the most friendliest & inspiring guilds in GW todate. " by other guild wars players on GameAmp.

    For GW2 we hope to re-achieve this plus alot more...

    At AURA we consider ourselves part of an online-family instead of just being members of a guild & our guilds policy has always been one of Honesty, Maturity & Kindness at all times to all players, even towards those outside of our online-family.
    Unlike other Guilds out there, we DO understand that you have a "real life" and therefore can not be active 24/7.
    "We never leave family behind!"

    Please feel free to check out our Site -: Click Here! :- (Non-Members only get limited access)

    Many Community Events but not too many you get no "Me Time!".
    Full Access to the Aura Site
    Full Support in Guild Wars 2
    Access to the community VoIP System
    Fun & Laughs.
    A stress-free, fun environment where you can play with friends.
    Advice, Support and Guidance within seconds of asking.
    Access to our community forum
    Friendly, Helpful players who are always eager to help or chat.
    And Much Much more..

    So be smart & don't join a normal/regular PvX Guild that promises you the world and abandons you once you join them, join a Guild that will make you feel Welcome, Comfortable and Confident..
    It doesnt matter if your new to MMO's or an experienced Player, we can guarantee that you will always find Support, Help, friendly chat, lots of laughs or helpful Advice just 1 call away.

    ** HOW DO I JOIN?:
    Please visit our Site -: Click Here! :- & click on the "Recruitment" tab.
    Thats it...

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Guild Advert and we hope to see & hear from you soon...

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    Just to let you all know, Aura is still recruiting and growing, come visit us at:
    This Link
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