I will try and keep this simple and to the point.

What Is Downtime Gaming?
Downtime Gaming is an upcoming PVP/PVE organized but casual Guildwars 2 community (Guild) for mature gamers. We do use raid call for our voice program for now.

We are looking for 18+ members that don't curse like a sailor and respect their fellow gamers. So your kids play to? That's fine, kids that have parents that are members of Downtime Gaming can play together.

Do you have things to do in real life and cant be online 24/7? Have a wife, kids, job, cat, dog, etc? Downtime Gaming is not looking for six or seven hours a day of your time. Jump on when you can and play with a tight knit group of gamers that play and just have a good time.

We don't really have any goals. We do what the members of DTG want to do. The members of DTG are the guild, not the GM. The whole point is to get a group of casual gamers that want to play GW2 together and have fun in an organized gaming environment.

If you have any more questions about DTG head over to our contact us page on our website.